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The Ica Stones Controversy: Evidence That Could Change World History by:Thomas Carroll

The Ica Stones Controversy: Evidence That Could Change World History by:Thomas Carroll

The Ica stones are a collection ofstones allegedly discovered in a cave near Ica

, Peru. These stones of various sizes have been etched with astounding scenes. The stones depict open-heart surgery, brain transplants, cesarean sections, telescopes, ancient maps, flying machines, extinct animals and men with dinosaurs. Some claim the Ica Stones are an ancient library left by a lost culture. Others say they are a hoax. These andesite stones call into question just about everything science has taught us about the origin of the human race.

Dr. Javier Cabrera

The late Peruvian doctor Javier Cabrera popularized the stones after he received one as a gift for his birthday in 1961. He open the Museo de Piedras Grabadas (Engraved Stones Museum) at the Plaza de Armas in Ica which displays his collection of some 15,000 stones. Cabrera's theory is that the stones depict the first Peruvian culture as an extraterrestrial race that came to earth during the dinosaur's existence and then genetically engineered modern man.

Cabrera claimed that a farmer found the stones in a cave. The farmer was arrested for selling the stones to tourists, but was later released on his testimony that he had faked the stones. According to Cabrera, the farmer was facing 20 years in prison if the stones were real so he changed his story to regain his freedom.The Ica Stones Controversy: Evidence That Could Change World History by:Thomas Carroll

Cabrera also claimed that the locals had unearthed about 50,000 stones and that they showed him a tunnel where there are another 100,000.

Rocks cannot be carbon dated and no one has ever seen the cave, or the resulting strata, where the stones were found. A number of experts estimate the stones as being 1,500 and 12,000 years old. Cabrera placed them between 60,000,000 BC and 13,000,000 BC, although the difference between their occurrence in each period is not clarified. Others say that all of the stones have been falsified.

Fake or Real?

Some of the stones have been proven to be made by locals of the area to sell to tourists. Since Cabrera's stones come from a cave which has never been identified, the stones can't be carbon dated, which adds clout to the possibility that the stones are fakes.

In 1998, after four years of investigation, Spanish investigator Vicente Paris declared that the evidence indicates the stones are a hoax. Among the evidence presented were microphotographs of the stones showing traces of modern paints and abrasives. Other evidence of fraud is the crispness of the shallow engravings; stones of great age should have substantial erosion of the surfaces. Perhaps the strongest argument in favor of the skeptics is that the stones contradict just about everything we think we know about evolution.

Yet there is myth and strong evidence in favor of the stones' authenticity. Inca myth speaks of a civilization of giants that created the stones as an historical record. Inca myths of giants parallel the Bible's story of a race of giants called the Nephilim, whom may have arrived from another planet.

Some engraved stones are said to have been brought back to Spain in the 16th century. Microscopic analysis of several Ica Stones has provided conclusive evidence that they are not modern forgeries.

There are far too many stones for a single farmer, or even a group of hoaxers, to have carved. Not only would it take a large group of people and an enormous amount of time to carve the stones, but they would also need to have intimate knowledge of extinct species of fish, dinosaur anatomy, ancient maps and geography, astronomy, complex surgery, blood transfusion and many other complicated topics.

Believers in the stones claim that evolution is a flawed theory, and they point out that it's just that - a theory, not fact. Besides, only one single stone needs to be authentic to prove that an unknown, ancient civilization did exist in the Ica region of Peru. The Ica Stones Controversy: Evidence That Could Change World History by:Thomas Carroll

Most scientists have turned a blind eye to the Ica Stones, unwilling to face historical controversy. Some of the stones have been faked, yet evidence points to the possibility that thousands of the stones are authentic. Whether real or fraud, their safety is important if further, modern analysis of the Ica Stones are to take place. If someday any of the Ica Stones are proven to be authentic, they would be one of the most important archaeological discoveries of all time.

About the author

Thomas Carroll was born in California and now lives in Lima, Peru. If you would like more information about The Ica Stones and Peru Vacation Packages then be sure to visit his blog.
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The Ica Stones Controversy: Evidence That Could Change World History by:Thomas Carroll