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The Disturbing Epidemic Of Newborns Addicted To Drugs

Infants being born addicted to drugs and pain killers is an alarmingly increasing epidemic. As much as 25% of newborns in intensive care units in some areas are reportedly being treated for drug withdrawals.Due to this disturbing increase, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently published guidelines for identifying and treating infants born with addictions to pain killers and other drugs. The guidelines are helping physicians and...more

Wrapping In More Comfort With Organic Baby Blankets

If you have a newborn, you want to make sure that they are always comfortable and dont have difficulties with their health. A common problem among babies is skin irritation that comes from materials they come in contact with. This causes difficulties and irritations for the baby and can become problematic if it is not cared for properly. If you want to prevent these irritations, then finding the right materials allows you to get the perfect fit...more

Baby Jogger Performance Series Double Is Excellent For Enthusiastic Joggers

Baby Jogger Performance Series Double Is Excellent For Enthusiastic Joggers Jogging with the children has been made easier with the Baby Jogger Performance Series Double Jogging Stroller.Comfort and speed are built into the design of this stroller making the training session enjoyable for both children and parents alike.Parents know that safety is paramount whenever there are children involved.If a car pulls out in front of you, you need to have the ability to stop quick.And, if you're running fast this can sometimes be complicated.With the improved stopping power of the jogger's braking system you may know you can stop when you need to. A park brake with a press button controller on the handle means your stroller will be stopped when you are too.Occasionally accidents can happen. If your feet get caught up and you end up on the ground you won't lose the stroller or pull it over with you. Just attach the safety strap to your wrist and the bottom of the stroller and your children may be harmless in their five point harnesses until you've stood up and dusted yourself off and you're ready to go again.Rear shock absorbers take away the jarring...more

Why A Digital Baby Monitor Is Key For Your Baby

If you have a new baby at home, you are obviously proud parents and want to know your baby is safe and secure at all times. This is where a digital baby monitor can really help relieve your stress and concern that your baby is OK even though he or she is in another room.There are quite a few different ones on the market but the new digital ones are...more

Show Off Your Baby Bling

What do you think of when you here the term baby wearing? If the vision you imagine is a granola eating hippy carrying her baby in a burlap sack, you are sadly mistaken and probably lean to the right when you talk. All joking aside baby wearing can be way more that just a totally awesome way to soothe your baby, and more than a way to get daily...more

Baby Clothes And Kids Clothing

Despite the fact that for small children these are determining years that will affect the rest of their lives "" how they fit in with other kids at school and in the playground will speak their personalities in later life, and if they are tight then this can cause them much more suffering. It's also vital for them from a health viewpoint and if you don't dress them up affectionately for instance then this can effect in them being more probable to catch a cold and other illnesses as their protected system is under attack from the coldness itself.At the same time if you do not choose yourkids Clothing watchfully then it is possibly going to be too small or too big which could cause them complicatedness moving resulting in accidents and it is also more difficult Selecting children's clothes. This is because they are always growing denotation you always need to stay replacing their items of clothing, because they have more precise tastes and keeping up with what's cool and not cool for children can be very difficult and because you can't try the clothes on yourself to observe if they fit. In many cases the children themselves are doubtful to hold still while...more

How To Keep Your Baby Healthy During Pregnancy At Age 35 And Above

A lot of females nowadays have chosen to delay pregnancy later in life. Though pregnancy at the age of 35 and beyond is very much possible, it can also mean greater risks for a woman, and her unborn child. A woman should realize the risks, so that...more

How Baby Poo And Wee Changes

Baby poo - just as you think you know what to expect at change time, your baby's poo takes on a new form and you're left examining the contents of a nappy wondering what could have possibly resulted in this different texture or colour!...more

Tips On Having A Great Baby Shower

When you're hosting a baby shower you know the mom-to-be quite well. You have a pretty good idea of what her likes and dislikes are, her favorite colors, maybe any particular foods that she has an aversion to. Since she is the guest of honor,...more

Dealing With Birth Injury Suits And Finding A Lawyer To Help

Dealing with the birth related injury lawsuit, and then subsequently finding a lawyer that is going to be able to help you can be a complicated process. Keep in mind that you should only be looking to conduct a birth injury suit, when you believe...more

Guide To Buying Baby And Toddler Shoes

Choosing the right shoes for babies and young children can be a bit daunting, hopefully this guide will give you a little more confident when it comes to making your purchase.Babies who are not yet crawling or walking really don't need shoes,...more

Baby Making - It's Important To Think Long Term

For many couples that decide it's time to have a child, there is much to consider as far as baby making goes. It's not as easy as natural conception for some couples, and they should consider everything that can be done to make the process...more
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