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7 Tips To Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

When I talk to my clients about social media, the reactions are all over the map. Some love it and use it, some groan, and some just admit that they are confused by it. But social media is an important part of building your transformational business, so you'll want to put it on your 'must do' list of business activities.Here are some tips to make it easier:Remember that it's social first. Seek to connect with people, be...more

7 Tips To Keep Your Passion In Business

Many entrepreneurs start their business with tons of excitement and passion for their new venture but quickly realize that operating their own business is hard work. Once that realization sets in and real business problems begin to surface, it becomes very easy to become disgruntle and to lose your passion for what you originally set out to accomplish. Passion is defined as an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction. A strong...more

7 Tips To Keep Your Fluid Down On Dialysis

As any dialysis patient will tell you, keeping your fluid gain between dialysis sessions in check is not only important to your long term health, it is a major factor in your immediate well-being. Keeping fluid level gains as low as possible between dialysis treatments will minimize the risk of congestive heart failure, pulmonary oedema, and hypertension. Cramps, headaches and breathing difficulties are short term side-effects of fluid overload, and whilst not as dangerous as the long term effects, these should be heeded as a pointer to fluid overload in dialysis patients. Whilst every dialysis patient has their own special method of keeping their fluid levels in check, I thought it might be pertinent to explain some of the methods that I have found (relatively) successful. 1/ Buy a bag of ice. I have a large chest freezer in my kitchen, I buy a 5kg (approx 11lb) bag of ice chips from the service (gas) station, place it in the freezer, and suck on ice chips throughout the day. Make sure the freezer is in a convenient place, so you can reach it quickly to grab a few small pieces of ice, so you can avoid the temptation to fill a glass with ice. (In which case you might as well have...more

7 Tips In Improving Customer Relationship For Your Business

Improving customer relationship is going to customers rather than waiting for them to come to you after a sale is completed and you have got the payment. He or she expects hands-on help and service and you enhance your business prospects more by providing more than was expected from you. But you can always ratchet up your services if you follow the...more

7 Tips For Increasing Your Sales With A Guarantee by:Robert Greenshields

People are more likely to buy your product or service if you make their decision as easy as possibleBased on the techniques of hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming, you want them to picture in their mind what it will be like in the future after they have bought it.It may be difficult for them to do that if there is too much risk involved so...more

7 Tips For Gaining Greater Staff Commitment In Small-medium Business

Introduction.Managers in small-medium business are a dedicated lot. They often work long and hard to build and grow their business. It's not surprising that they don't understand when their employees don't share their commitment. But there are specific things to do to develop employee dedication and commitment.1. Expectation. Tell them precisely what you expect of them, individually and collectively. Make sure they're absolutely clear about the key results you're seeking: specific, measurable results ......... the day to day, month to month, and annual results that mean that the business is successful. To contribute fully, your staff must know exactly what's expected of them.2. Involvement. Involve them in working out how they can best achieve those results. They do their jobs hour after hour; you don't. They know how best they can organise their work to get the results you want.3. Resources. Provide all the resources and information they genuinely need to achieve the results you want. If you want someone to turn out 10 widgets a day, you must provide a reliable machine with that capacity. I don't mean "give them everything they ask for"....more

7 Things To Do To Prepare For Your First Sales Call by:Jim Meisenheimer

Whenever you have a sales call scheduled with a new sales prospect - treat it like a golden opportunity.Because in fact this first sales call, could be a golden opportunity for you. What if your new sales prospect has the potential to become your...more

7 Things To Consider About Business Hosting

1. The first thing to do before choosing any kind of hosting is research. This is the most important factor; it affects the performance of your website, the kind of response it gets, the future of your website everything depends on doing proper...more

7 Steps To Take Before You Order Business Checks Online

When you order business checks online, you can save a lot of time and money. One of the reasons is that the overhead is lower for the company printing your checks.You may even find that the sites offer you additional free and low cost services to...more

7 Staples Of Marketing A Local Business Online

I first wrote for The Virginia Gazette in 1998, the Web rated a giant mystery. Almost 13 years later, it's still a mystery for many small businesses! With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Digg, and many more sites, getting started with...more

7 Small Business Steps to Social Media

             I am often asked for my opinion on what a small business should be doing – initially – to establish a reasonably effective online presence.   My company, RiaEnjolie, Inc. designs websites for more than...more

7 Simple Steps to Start a Successful Online Business

As you can see is not that hard to start a successful online business but you need to be patient. This is not a get rich quick scheme, is a business that is going to last you for a long time and if started right is going to bring you a lot of money....more
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