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Popular Names For Baby Boys

One of the biggest challenges when a new baby boy is born is picking a suitable name for the baby that both parents and the child can live with. Parents nowadays have a lot of options on what and how to choose names for their babies. Baby boy names, just like names for baby girls, continue to evolve, and while there are the all time favorite names, there are also new and trendy names that come up every now and then. You cannot expect Chan to be a...more

Top 10 Tips On Keeping Baby Safe From Electrics

You'll find over 290 injuries a year involving electricity right here in the UK; most of them are in the home.For those who have little ones in your home then you certainly are at greater risk of having an incident with electricity as a result of inquisitive nature of children. They're going to attempt to stick stuff in the sockets and are going to attempt to stick things in the DVD player. What we've got to do as parent is to...more

80's Baby Part Deux

80's Baby Part Deux  Ok I'm back to take you back once again.... so I was thinking whatever happened to the original mistics being sold in the bodegas?.... And the chewing gum that used to hold its flavor?... Do U remember when bubble gum used to taste good?... How about Combos?...Opening up a bag of chips and actually having a bag filled with chips?... In the 80's we had real sandwiches... not just from the sandwich spot on Hollis... but anytime U went to get a sandwich from a famous spot like Blimpies  it filled U up?...Do U remember when Sybil's used to put the star on the receipts?... Ladies wore door knockers, baggy jeans and humongous size braids?.... Fellas had either a Kid n Play fade (the higher the better),a  Gumby, waves or braids... and a sweater for everyday of the week?...How about when it was safe to walk or jog thru Central Park at night?.... Can U remember when every place U went U took the Q footy footy..(walked)... or had to ride UR bike there?... Except to the mall... piled up like four deep in UR moms car?...Once U get there U went to the Wiz and copped a tape but had to double check to make sure it didn't have...more

Baby Dolls Do Not Get Much More Cute Than A Baby Born

Baby Dolls Do Not Get Much More Cute Than A Baby Born Should you be searching for new baby dolls this Holiday, check out the range called Baby Born. These sweet and lifelike baby dolls have been available for several years yet they still remain as popular as ever. Youngsters of both sexes want to play at being adults. Boys usually tend to...more

Free Baby Stuff For Your Baby

Parents with newly born babies can find free very helpful perks for their infants.Babies bring bundles of joy. They give you a lot of reasons to smile especially from a tiring day from the office. However, having a baby can be very expensive. You need to have enough money to sustain your babys needs. These needs include milk formula, diapers and...more

Baby Names - Some Interesting Facts

Most women have the names of their children chosen before they enter puberty. It's one of those decisions that are fantasized about right along with our wedding day plans. However, there are likely plenty of you out there who still aren't sure about what baby names will be the right choice. After all, your child will have to carry this name with them for their entire life and all of us know at least one person who had to deal with an embarrassing name throughout their childhood. Once we make the transition from our teen years into adulthood, we've usually become comfortable with who we are, but when we're younger a name can make or break a child's sociability. For instance, a very out-going child may find a way to joke around with an uncommon name, while more shy children may gravitate to antisocial behavior because of your choice of name.Ideas For Baby NamesIn American society the most popular baby names have been Ethan, or Emily for the last two decades. While these may present a safe choice; it is becoming increasingly popular to opt for more exotic, uncommon baby names for your children.This is where confusion enters the picture, because we want their...more

Baby Bean Bags: Perfectly Made For Babies

We all know how comfortable bean bags are. We lounge on it, relax on it and can even take a nap in it comfortably. Bean bags are also known for the various shapes and sizes that are available in the market. From the typical bean bags for adults came...more

2 Myths About Starting Baby On Solids

2 Myths About Starting Baby On Solids Starting babies on solids is an individual thing. Every baby is different and every baby will develop at a different rate. The general consensus is that we shouldn't start our children on solid food...more

How To Make Your Own Baby Sling

Your journey in making your first baby sling is sure to start with a trip to the fabric store. There are so many choices in fabric that your are sure to become overwhelmed. Not only do you need to consider the durability of the fabric and the...more

Baby Shower Ideas – Baby Gift Registry

Baby Shower Ideas – Baby Gift Registry One of the exciting things that a mom-to-be would want to do during her pregnancy period is listing down all the gifts she wants for her upcoming baby. Usually, the gifts are offered on the baby...more

Creative Baby Shower Supplies Will Make A Shower Even More Fun

For the next baby shower, make sure it's special with the most perfect baby shower party supplies. Whether it's for a boy or a girl, this baby shower should have it all. From streamers, to balloons, to tableware, make the atmosphere fun...more

Welcome The Season Of Good Tidings With Adorable Baby Outfits

With the holiday season just around the corner, shopping for perfect holiday outfits becomes a priority. If it's your baby's first Christmas you would definitely want to make it extra special by choosing only the best possible outfits to...more
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