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Betta Care Tips To Live By - Know 'em

Betta Care Tips To Live By - Know 'em

Bettas, especially for their size, are one of the most interactive and fun to own fishes out there

. My Betta, Gilbert, now happily jumps up to get his food and swims to the side of the tank to greet me when I enter the room. When I first got my fish I had a whole barrage of questions to ask experts or to post on various forums. Below I have compiled some simple tips for basic Beta fish care.

Water temperature should be kept around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Anywhere from 74 to 86 degrees should be fine, but a nice balmy 80 to 82 is ideal. Usually your fish will be healthier, happier, and its colors more vibrant when your water temperature is kept consistent, so wherever your temperature usually is, try to keep it there!

Tank setup is fairly simple. You'll want to make sure you either use distilled water or use drops found at your pet store to remove the chlorine from your tap water. A tank heater (to maintain aforementioned temperature) and a filter are also highly recommended. The filter not only helps cleanup harmful waste but actually, through packets you buy for it, helps to increase the growth of helpful algae and bacteria. As far as other decorations go, rocks at the bottom are recommended, as are live plants. Things like fake plants, plastic caves, buildings and ships are also welcome as Betas love to explore, just make sure to clean and rinse them well first!

Food for Beta fishes comes in many forms, I recommend pellets for two reasons. The first is that, like flake food, pellets offer a well rounded diet to your fish. The second is that, unlike flakes, pellets are roughly the same size meaning it's easier to monitor your pet's food intake. Be sure to note that your fish will not starve as long as it gets a couple pellets each day (I actually tend to give mine two in the morning and two at night), over-feeding is much more dangerous than missing a meal. Be sure that if you can't remember if you've fed your Beta for the evening it's better to just wait until tomorrow, he won't starve overnight on you!

Good luck to all of you Beta owners out there, hope this helped!

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Betta Care Tips To Live By - Know 'em