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How to Get Your Car in Top Shape with the Right Car Parts and Car Care by:Frank Stewart

How to Get Your Car in Top Shape with the Right Car Parts and Car Care by:Frank Stewart

Many of us consider our car to be one of our most important investments

. Having a vehicle means freedom, convenience, and are a way to get around at will. You have worked hard to save enough money to put a good-sized down payment on your vehicle when you bought it. Each month you have to keep paying for the costs of your loan payments and insurance premiums. But when your car needs car care, the expense can hurt your budget. This is the reason why these helpful tips and tricks to finding economic auto accessories and automotive repair tools can make a significant difference in your budget at the end of the month.

Mainenance Costs: Automotive Repair Tools for Much Less

If you have a standard maintenance repair; maybe a light to replace or a brake pad or oil change, why not try to do it yourself? There are many books and videos that show you how to get these simple tasks done quickly. The advantage to getting it done yourself is that you only have to pay for the parts; no labor costs are involved. At the repair facility, you're paying more for everything because they have specialized automotive repair tools, plus, you'll pay around $60 to $70 an hour for someone else to do the work for you. If you aren't comfortable with doing any of these tasks yourself, ask your family or friends if they can help you out or if they know someone who can help at a low rate. Many friends and family are glad to help out and can be paid for their time with a six-pack or a pizza lunch; college shops cost at least half of what the repair shops cost.

Maintenance and Auto Care Don't Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

Additional non-major repairs that require a little more skill you can still do them. Take, for example, resurfacing rotors, figuring out what an engine code means, or replacing spark plugs. Local auto parts stores oftentimes provide less-expensive diagnostic and resurfacing services than at the specialized repair shops. Diagnosing engine codes can be especially frustrating. In some states, you can go to a local parts store and they will diagnose the problem. Nevertheless, in some states they do not permit this, but the code-reading tool is inexpensive to purchase (approximately $200). The dealer charges about $80-$100 per visit to diagnose a problem code. However, you can add this useful piece to your home automotive repair tools and it will pay for itself with only 2 uses!

How auto accessories Stores Can Save You Big Money

Rotor resurfacing can present challenges because they have to be "meaty" enough before they can be resurfaced. A specific range of rotor metal in millimeters must be met to remain at a nominal thickness. The good news is that many shops will measure them for you and tell you right there if they can be resurfaced. Additionally, they'll resurface them for you immediately because they have the special machinery required to do the job. Just as simple, you can buy spark plugs at the car care and supply store and the needed gap is displayed visibly on the package. A gapper tool for your spark plugs costs only $50 or less if you don't already have one. You can also rotate your own tires by using a standard jack.

It is possible for you to save major cash by doing the minor repairs on your car. You can stretch your dollar and the life of your vehicle, and use the additional cash to spend more time on the road!

About the author

Frank Stewart is a car fanatic, and he discusses topics for your auto care needs, including auto parts and auto repair tools from his experience. For more visit and
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