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How to Figure-Out Success and the Best Relatinship in Life

How to Figure-Out Success and the Best Relatinship in Life

How to Figure-Out Success and the Best Relationship in Life

There is a saying with a hint of truth and sarcasm that goes, "It's not so much what you know, but who you know" that is a highlighter of the nepotism behind who gets a job based more on their relationships than anything else.

So knowledge and relationships are at times at strange odds and at other times in strange sync for what is typically considered success in this life.

Additionally, for many people, a fear of unemployment or underemployment prevents them from reaching their potential or living life to its fullest.

Instead, they play it safe" and settle for the "warm fuzzy" of admiration from peers, their parents, their siblings, their teachers, their fans or any other group of people or a person they consider best qualified to judge what success in this life looks like.

A recent episode of "House" portrayed a brilliant medical scientist who after having shocked her world with an unrelenting decision to exchange medical science for the simpler joy of becoming expert in culinary arts, suddenly became hospitalized with a complicated illness.

Although we couldn't see the end of the episode, we were able to catch gripping scenes of interns struggling to diagnose the case of a scientist who was simply anxious to be discharged and get back to her new found lease on living.

That paradox sharpened our focus on the need to figure out what the true ingredients of success in this life look like.

Unarguably, recognizing what success looks like is also related to whom we would want to impress since their idea of success will drive our efforts for meaning and accomplishment.

So clearly, the bottom line for every one of us to get a handle on life's true meaning begins with a clear and uncompromised idea of what life is all about...

After all, if we are going to be influenced by the nepotism of whom we know for our success, then why not go all the way?

Well, want to get ahead in this life?

Find out what success is, and who in life is the most important person to know. Then, like the best quote the Army's come up with to date, you'll "Be the Best You Can Be".


Upstream Survival Press, Piscataway, NJ
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How to Figure-Out Success and the Best Relatinship in Life