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Top 5 Life Insurance Myths Debunked

Top 5 Life Insurance Myths Debunked

Life Insurance is a very important step for the economic growth of any individual

and this is one aspect that every working individual should give a lot of thought to. It insures economic security and in these very hectic times it is a must have.

However, there are many individuals that have a lot of misconceptions about the availability and the necessity of a life insurance for themselves or their family. These misconceptions often stem from ignorance and these misconceptions normally get widespread and people are likely to believe them and that turns them into popular myths regarding the issue.

Some very popular myths regarding the life insurance policy can be enlisted as below.

Some people convince themselves that they do not need life insurance at all. This might be true if you have enough money to pay all your mortgages, support your children, spouses and family members futures, or you are devoid of all responsibilities and only have yourself to care about and have enough money to cover the tracks of your life. All these situations are too ideal and too rare for most individuals. In that case you will have to consider getting your or your family members life insured to make their future more secure and economically stable.

Some people are content with the insurance that they get through their jobs. It might be a good idea but it might also be not quite enough of the amount of insurance that an individual requires to maintain a proper lifestyle in the absence of the said job in the future, plus the job insurance will only be with you as long as the job remains and in cases of termination or retirement the insurance will also cease to exist.

Many people believe that they do not need life insurance once their children are well settled and there is no need to support them. This is clearly a mistake and you must definitely think about the fact that your children will have their own families and will have their added share of responsibilities, in which case your responsibility might be strenuous for them. Also there is the added sense of independence that you might be able to maintain till the end of your life. You must also think to provide for your spouse in case of your demise before her.

Many people are concerned that they might be denied a life insurance policy because they happen to be a smoker. Of course, your being a smoker is an important factor that might change some terms in your policy, but there are a number of companies that offer life insurance policies to the smokers at a slightly higher premium rate.

There are people that are of the opinion that they do not need life insurance since a young age. They have to understand that they should always plan for the unexpected and being young they can possibly get their life insurance policies at a lower premium rate which is a bonus.

by: Cheddy Abboud
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