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Choose Have Ultimate And Grand Enthralling Time Of Your Honey's Life, Decide Bahamas Retreat

Choose Have Ultimate And Grand Enthralling Time Of Your Honey's Life, Decide Bahamas Retreat

Bahamas Vacations: Long Island

Bahamas Vacations cannot be complete without seeing the many wonders of Long Island. The many diving spots found in the islands make it a favorite destination of divers. People who are just starting to enjoy this sport can dive the not so deep waters just near the shoreline to practice. Deans Blue Hole is one of the many diving spots that advanced divers should not miss. For non-divers, you can stroll along the miles of white sand beaches that embrace the island such as the Cape Santa Maria beach which is touted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world or at the pink-hued sands of the Love Beaches. Visit the other inland attractions like the Dunmore Town where you can still see the ruins of the former estate and plantation house as well as the Hamilton Cave where for prehistoric drawings and artifacts of the Lucayan Indian tribe. Christopher Columbus is revered in this island with a 15 foot obelisk dedicated to him where you can have a great view of the island and the surrounding areas. See for yourself the wonders of this island.

Bimini for your Bahamas Vacations

No Bahamas Vacations would be complete without stopping by at Bimini Island, the beautiful isle that the great writer and poet Ernest Hemingway keep coming back to his entire life; one he led as a fisherman aside from his writing. Having visibility up to two hundred feet beneath the surface makes the waters of the Bahamas a perfect spot for divers and in Bimini; theyve discovered limestone blocks arranged symmetrically which they believe to belong to the Lost City of Atlantis maze of roads thus they christened it Bimini Road. The Tiki Hut Beach stretches two miles which is big considering Bimini is the smallest of the Out Islands and its white sand gives an amazing contrast to the greenery surrounding it making it a picturesque landscape. For a little piece of history, take a dive at the Saponas wreck which was once a Liberty ship delivering liquor to states under the time of the prohibition. Once you step foot on Bimini Island you will instantly know youll return again.

Bahamas Vacations: How to get there

Bahamas Vacations for your annual summer trip is an option for you and the family. You can choose from either flying in via the available flights that serve the islands or better yet join a cruise ship that makes the islands one of their ports of calls. The journey itself is already a vacation when you join the cruise aside from having one at the many beaches. You can choose from the many cruise companies like the Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises and Princess Cruises that sail through the Bahamas islands. You can also fly to the islands either by commercial flight via American Airlines, Continental Airlines, and JetBlue Airways which are some of the commercial airlines that fly you to the Bahamas from Continental USA. If you are coming from cities outside of the US like London, Toronto and Havana, there are commercial flights available via British Airways, Air Canada and Cubana Airlines. You will have a stress-free way of reaching the islands with the many available modes of transport available for our use.

Grand Bahama Island and Bahamas Vacations

Bahamas Vacations at Grand Bahama Island is not only about fun in the sand but also a chance to learn about the islands rich history and friendly inhabitants. You might think that a tropical island would be no place for pine trees to grow because of the warm weather but in Lucayan National Park, they thrive by the thousands; its proof of how diversified the ecosystems in the Bahamas are. Home to 18 species of birds that can only be found in the Bahamas, Rand Nature Center is frequented by bird lovers as well as regular tourists; more than a hundred indigenous plants are also grown there. Xanadu Beach is popular for having a wide range of water sports to choose from but they are not the only reason why visitors prefer staying here; straw products hand strewn and crafted abound in many shops and local stores in the place. Visit Grand Bahama Island if you want to relax like in the country but modern living is within reach.

by: Niall Gaston
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