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Choose The Perfect And Most Electrifying Time Of Your Only One's Life, Try Bahamas Retreat

Choose The Perfect And Most Electrifying Time Of Your Only One's Life, Try Bahamas Retreat

Bahamas Vacations and Things to do on Water

Its water, water, water everywhere in the Bahamas and there is tons of stuff to do in the water to have the best Bahamas Vacations. Visit the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park to see the stromatolites algae that is considered the worlds oldest living organisms and they are rightfully preserved in this magnificent reserve for sea life in the Bahamas where you can mingle with these beautiful creatures by snorkeling or taking a glass bottomed boat out. The worlds third biggest barrier reef, the Tongue of the Ocean, is located in Andros Island and its considered one of the most ideal spots to dive or snorkel due to its teeming marine life; resorts nearby also offer other forms of water entertainment. Fearless divers like to visit Long Island because of Deans Blue Hole, reaching depths of 600 feet, this blue hole is not for the faint of heart; kayaking, deep sea fishing, or snorkeling is available to those not brave enough. The only way to enjoy a vacation in the Bahamas is embrace the water.

Bahamas Vacations: Bimini

No Bahamas Vacations would be complete without stopping by at Bimini Island, the beautiful isle that the great writer and poet Ernest Hemingway keep coming back to his entire life; one he led as a fisherman aside from his writing. For divers, being able to see up to two hundred feet deep is a rare and welcome treat that only the waters of the Bahamas can offer and in Bimini Island, explorers found limestone blocks neatly arranged as if to form a road which they say may belong to the Lost City of Atlantis which they called Bimini Road; its only about twenty feet deep and easily accessible. The Tiki Hut Beach stretches two miles which is big considering Bimini is the smallest of the Out Islands and its white sand gives an amazing contrast to the greenery surrounding it making it a picturesque landscape. For a little piece of history, take a dive at the Saponas wreck which was once a Liberty ship delivering liquor to states under the time of the prohibition. Feel the magical bond between man and nature when you visit Bimini Island.

Bahamas Vacations in Eleuthera the Best

Bahamas Vacations in the island of Eleuthera offer both idle and calm ambience and the familiar hum of modern facilities that most hotels and resort here have. Go to the Glass Window Bridge that extends the Northern part of the island to the Eleutheran mainland and see the stunning contrasts of colors between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; this is one picture you will never want to miss taking. Hatchet Bay Cave stretches a mile and its filled with stalactites and stalagmites which can give the illusion of underground churches. See rows and rows of pineapple while enjoying a relaxing view of the ocean at the Pineapple Fields Beach where Tippys bar and restaurant is perched giving you a nice corner to spend your lazy day. British Royalty has an eye for beauty as some of them have been seen on the shores of Eleuthera.

Activities during your Bahamas Vacations

Getting wet and spending time in the water is not everything when it comes to Bahamas Vacations as there are also places you can go to for fun and exciting things to do in land or away from the water. When in Nassau visit the Cloisters Garden and see the 14th century French monastery which was, piece by piece, shipped to the United States and then transferred to its current location in Ocean Drive where its garden filled with intricate stone structures, pools, and fountains provides a beautiful ambience overlooking Nassau harbor which is perfect for weddings. Hike 206 feet into Como Hill at Mount Alvernia in Cat Island, its the highest point of the Bahamas and you can also visit the hand carved stone staircases and monastery built in the 1930s by one Father Jerome Hawes; the reclusive priest who inhabited the island and tried to spread Gods words. In Andros Island, you can get a magnificent view of the sea and the white shores at Andros Lighthouse built in 1852 as guide to sailors and fishermen. Fun in the Bahamas is not limited to the water but also in dry places.

by: Niall Gaston
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