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Timeshare Vacations - Every Type, for Everyone by:Robert J. Howells

Timeshare Vacations - Every Type, for Everyone by:Robert J. Howells

With today's rapidly evolving vacation home market

, consumers are more and more exposed to an increasingly diverse marketplace offering a wide range of leisure travel options. The growing variety of vacation home options include: Timeshare/Vacation Ownership, Fractional Ownership/Private Residence Clubs, Destination Clubs, Condo Hotels and Traditional Second Home Ownership.

Let's look at how timeshare vacations compare to the other options available to you in the market. First, take a look at the traditional vacation home that you own completely on your own. This type of property is often viewed as an investment and is also often used as a retirement home after the 'empty nest syndrome' has occurred. In the vacation home situation, owners have full responsibility for proper and timely maintenance of the property unless they have retained the services of a management company or maintenance service at a cost. In the vacation home market, you will have a wide variety of homes to choose from, with many of them custom built. A popular trend that many new owners are taking advantage of for vacation homes is to outfit them with renewable energy sources and/or make them highly energy efficient and therefore inexpensive to operate. This is especially effective for vacation homes located far from urban areas, which is of the utmost importance for that 'get away from it all' feeling. These homes will be traditionally outfitted with wood-burning fireplaces and whirlpool tubs.

Fractional Ownership

Next, let's look at fractional ownership. A popular arrangement is called quarter shares or twelve weeks (12) of ownership spaced through out the year. This arrangement gives you the benefits of second home ownership, but at just a portion of the cost while freeing you from the responsibility of maintaining the property. An annual maintenance fee is assessed based upon 25% ownership. With many fractional ownership situations, you will receive an actual property deed. A nice added feature is that many of these are affiliated with luxury hotel companies, giving you access to other vacation locations, benefits, options and discounts. Homes, luxury condos and villas are often the norm here and also come with exchange options. You will have annual dues to pay with pricing for these types of vacation properties varying widely.Timeshare Vacations - Every Type, for Everyone by:Robert J. Howells

Destination Clubs

Next are destination clubs. This vacation option gives you commonly held access without building any property equity to a group of homes. Homes and villas are operated by the club you belong to, so again, no maintenance worries there. These clubs will offer you a wide choice of destinations, so you will have many locations to choose from. They are also structured with annual dues and again, the pricing will depend on the program you choose.

Timeshare Vacations

With timeshare vacations, you purchase your vacation time in weekly increments or as points. Villas or condominiums may be deeded or available on a right-to-use basis. Some timeshare vacations are affiliated with hotel companies, giving you the added benefit of discounted hotel stays at their group of properties. Most timeshare vacations are associated with some kind of exchange company so you can exchange your weeks easily. With points, you have the option of nightly stays, so you can use less or more than a week's worth of time as you need. There are annual fees such as maintenance and exchange fees. Maintenance fees are standard and other fees are usually nominal. Pricing will vary based on the traditional factors of any property, location, size and amenities.

Condo Hotels

Condo hotels are the last option. Here, a percentage of the total hotel rooms in the property are sold to the public, so you get all the benefits of hotel service at a lower cost. These are also deeded and are generally used for private vacations and the housing needs of corporations using a fair amount of hotel nights on a regular basis. Here it makes good financial sense for the company to own units if they require them on a regular basis. In the later case, if you need to rent your unit, the rental program will usually be managed by hotel staff. There are annual fees to pay and pricing will follow the trends of the local market in which they are located.

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I am an internet marketer specializing in the timeshare and real estate field.

I develop internet marketing campaigns utilizing pay per click marketing with the major search engines. I create keyword optimized landing pages for organic search traffic. My goal is to create compelling offers and strong calls to action to maximize results from the traffic I generate. I have over 28 years in the timeshare sales and marketing field.

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Timeshare Vacations - Every Type, for Everyone by:Robert J. Howells