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Plane Crash Survival Tips by:Mark Dacanay

Plane Crash Survival Tips by:Mark Dacanay

Travelling through what is literally a heavy piece of metal flying through the air could be daunting

. It is reasonable to be worried about plane crash survival but statistics actually show that you are more likely be involved in a car accident rather in a plane crash in your whole life.

According to statistics, about 2.5 billion passengers board an airplane each year and the chances of plane accidents are close to zero.

Of course, there are plane crash accidents being reported now and then, but you should remember that a plane crash is more likely to be in the headlines than a car crash because it is rare and the damage it causes because of its size is huge.

Although it is relatively safe, a slim chance of an accident happening is still possible. One should still be careful and take precautions in riding planes.Plane Crash Survival Tips by:Mark Dacanay

But keep your heads up, studies also show that more than 90% of all plane crash are survivable. So the numbers are not bad as you think.

Here are some plane crash survival tips:

- Book seats near the exit - The key to surviving a plane crash is being able to leave the plane as soon as possible. Get seats near the exit and if possible aisle seats as well.

- Listen to preflight safety speech - You heard it all before, but it is always good to listen for all the safety procedures being given. Do not assume that you have heard it all before. Each plane may have different safety routes and procedures than what you are familiar with.

- Make a plan - Planning prevents panic. After boarding the plane, check the fastest route and the closest exit. Count the number of seats going to the exit so that in case there is no visibility after the crash, you can use the seats as guide going to the exit.

- Keep seatbelts on - Fasten your seatbelt at all times. An accident may happen while you are sleeping so it will be a good idea to always be secure

- Brace for impact - Assume any of the 2 brace positions if you know that the plane is going to crash.

o If the seat in front of you is close enough. Place one hand palm down over the back of that seat. After that place the second hand, palm down as well, over the first hand. Do not lace your fingers. Rest your forehead on your hands and prepare for impact.

o If there are no seats close, bend forward and have your chest above your thighs and your head between your knees. Cross your knees in front of your lower leg and grab each ankle.

In either position, both feet should be flat on the floor and further back than your knees.

- Put your oxygen mask on - This is imperative as you would start losing breath once the cabin is compromised. After putting the mask on, you can help those near you. You can place the oxygen mask over somebody even if they are unconscious.

- Avoid smoke - Smoke is one of the leading causes of deaths in plane crashes. Cover your nose with something like a handkerchief. It will be better if the cloth is moist to give extra protection

- Get out - Once the plane is stationary, get out as soon as you can. If fire or smoke is present, you have about 2 minutes to head for the exit.Plane Crash Survival Tips by:Mark Dacanay

- Keep a distance of about 500 feet from the wreckage - It could be dangerous to stay close to the plane crash as it may explode. But do not go too far. Rescuers will be surveying the area near the wreck so keep a good distance where the rescuers will not miss you.

The chances of being involved in plane crash are slim but it does not hurt to be prepared and be knowledgeable of what to do in case it happens. Keep these plane crash survival tips whenever you are going to travel by air.

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Plane Crash Survival Tips by:Mark Dacanay