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Airport Parking NJ-Cheap Parking at Newark Airport by:Greg Connor

Airport Parking NJ-Cheap Parking at Newark Airport by:Greg Connor

Airport Parking NJ

Airport parking NJ is a game that is not for the feint-of-heart. Parking at Newark Airport is an interesting experience for the people driving in from out-of-town. To begin, it is necessary to get through the hoards that are all busy blowing their horns in such a mean manner in 'the' tunnel or on the bridge.

No, there are no polite toot-toot's involved from the local drivers trying to get to their New Jersey airport parking destinations. For drivers experiencing indecision (or sporting out-of-state plates) those horns follow you all of the way into the lot parking at airport parking NJ at screeching rudely at full blast.

Actually, my family received a chuckle out of the driver of the dented green pinto that insisted upon blaring his horn at us for several miles and on into the airport parking NJ lots that allow 30-day stays. This rutty red-haired gentleman pulled into the space beside ours, pried his 300 lb. frame out of that vintage sub-compact car to say, "Have a nice day!" Nice? Airport Parking NJ-Cheap Parking at Newark Airport by:Greg Connor

Attendant parking at Newark Airport is available to people who have deep pockets. For a price, our vehicle could occupy the lot for an extended period of time while we flew off onto a holiday adventure to far-away lands, and then be delivered to the exit door of the airport terminal upon are return, waiting for us out in front of the airport upon our return.

While considering this airport parking NJ option of having the car delivered to us upon our return, my charming wife pointed out that she was simply not comfortable leaving the keys to our cheap little 22,000 dollar Saturn with the parking attendant who refused to bend over to pick up the rubbish that was laying near his feet. After pondering her theory for a minute or two, I did agree that if our keys were dropped we might be out of luck.

We opted instead to park our car on the daily plan, and to take the low cost airport provided transportation back to the automobile at the end of our trip. The New Jersey airport parking extended stay lot has an interesting rule. Airport parking NJ will tow your car away at the end of 30-days without reason. A phone call to airport parking NJ officials is necessary if the trip is to last longer than 30-days.

So, that is my story about airport parking NJ. My advice for people parking at Newark airport is to be ready for blaring horns, stiff parking fees, unusual rules, and trash on the ground. The underpaid attendants will be very friendly and helpful towards helping you get to your airplane on time, and there is a security force that monitors parking lot activities for your safety.

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Greg Connor has experienced a lot of troubles parking in newark airport. But there's a convenient way Hassle free and inexpensive. It is through online parking reservations. allows you to check parking rates and reserve a parking space at one of the finest offsite airport parking facilities in the World.
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Airport Parking NJ-Cheap Parking at Newark Airport by:Greg Connor Jining