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Self Employed Liability Insurance - What It Is And Why It's Important

You left your long-time employer to pursue your dream of opening an art gallery. You developed a business plan, signed artists, leased the perfect downtown location, and spent what money was left advertising the gallery's grand opening at the end of February. Not the best time of the year, but it has been a warm winter and you hope for a good turnout. You didn't count on the late-season ice storm and despite your best attempts to clear...more

Understanding Self Employed Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects a person or company in the event of being suited. Self employed liability insurance is the insurance that a person who runs his or her own business can buy to protect themselves. This insurance is vital to any business that provides any public contact, product or information. A lack of this insurance can result in very damaging law suits and fines if a self employed person is found in fault of a loss or injury. These...more

Foreclosure Cleanup: E&o Insurance Vs. Liability & How To Determine Which You Need In Your Business

Some foreclosure cleanup companies are saying they are being asked for proof of Errors & Omissions insurance by larger contractors before they can act as a subcontractor. Here is a query received from a foreclosure cleanup business colleague just recently:QUESTION: I have talked to my insurance agent, and if I am only doing trashouts, interior cleaning, and lawn maintenance, why are some of these large asset companies requiring me to have errors and omissions insurance? E&O Insurance vs. General LiabilityBelow is a detailed explanation of E&O versus General Liability Insurance so you are knowledgeable about insurance as it relates to the industry as you prepare to grow your business. You'll be surprised at how often you'll know more than the person on the other end of the phone line seeking to give you work orders. This knowledge can help you land foreclosure cleanup jobs going forward because the person will immediately form a positive impression of your company.Gist of E&O InsuranceErrors & Omissions insurance ("E&O"), also referred to as professional liability, is a form of business liability insurance for professionals such as realtors, brokers, insurance agents,...more

The Importance of Limited Liability

Rules, regulations, and laws regarding LLCs differ depending upon jurisdiction. Thus, individuals interested in forming a United States LLC are advised to contact a licensed lawyer from the jurisdiction where business or administrative functions are likely to be conducted in order to be apprised of the rights and responsibilities arising from LLC...more

Limited Liability Company

LLC's provide most of the benefits available through limited partnerships but, in addition, also provide limited liability protection to ALL of the LLC members. Certain advantages of an LLC over other entities include:1. The LLC permits the individual to choose between entity-level [i.e., corporate] taxation and pass-through [i.e.,...more

Canadian Motorcycle Insurance-A Valid Policy Throughout The US With Added Liability Coverage


What Is A Claim Made Professional Liability Insurance Policy?

 What Is A Claim Made Professional Liability Insurance Policy? By: Olson Duncan About the Author ISU Insurance Services – The Olson Duncan Agency is an independent insurance firm uniquely affiliated with ISU International. ...more

For Reliability, Trust a Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a highly reliable, multiple-outlet power strip often used in conjunction with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).  In a networking environment, where devices need to be continuously powered, many in use today...more

Liability Insurance Protects Your Assets

Liability insurance protects you against the nasty consequences of accidents. As you assess your insurance needs, protecting yourself, your family, your home, and your car, you should show healthy respect for Murphy's Law, expecting that...more

What is Liability Insurance?

We are well aware of the fact that risks are part of our lives and it can be related to a third party or us. If you run a private practice, you come across several clients in your day-to-day life. If you have experience and the necessary skill...more

Types of liability insurance

When a company decides to buy liability insurance it is essential to consider the various factors that are required for taking a policy. A policy can be purchased depending upon the no of employees and the nature of risk involved. For instance, a...more

Tradesman liability insurance And Why You Need It

Are you in a service oriented business?  If you're a tradesman then you know that there are many things that can go wrong from the service not being successfully completed, your equipment breaking or being getting stolen, and somebody getting...more
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