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Hedge Fund Liability Insurance -- Tricks You Might Not Know

Hedge Fund Liability Insurance -- Tricks You Might Not Know Hedge fund liability is a huge topic right now in financial circles. With the legal community hovering over hedge fund managers waiting for the slightest mis-step, and clients suing hedge fund managers left and right with little provocation, there is literally a whole new world of liability out there for hedge fund managers. Things to Watch Out For One of the worst things that...more

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

Business has always its downtime during its course. Though it might have a good start, it might not always have a good proceeding. Some downfalls may be benign and some may be very malign. It all depends on the nature of the business. It is for this reason that everyone should have commercial liability insurance for his or her business. Let the downfall be benign or malign, you will have your coverage for the business. To understand the necessity...more

Learning The Directors And Officers Insurance Policy

Directors and officers insurance is increasingly important in a world where litigation is more prevalent. This kind of specialized policy is intended to serve two functions. It protects the leaders of a business from being held financially liable for the performance of their duties. The policy may also protect management against discrimination and harassment suits, both at the liability and fiduciary level.You should obtain this type of policy when your business incorporates and installs a board of organizational directors. Often, the board will demand that they be protected against lawsuits related to the way they do their job. If your organization is a non-profit, it is even more important to provide protection against liability for actions taken in the performance of their duties.Although D&O insurance is often compared with errors and omissions, in practice they are intended for different purposes. Errors and omissions liability protects against failures in performance of your products or services rather than in the performance of the board. E&O also protects against negligence.Most directors and officers insurance is utilized in employment practices lawsuits and complaints....more

Contractors Liability Insurance California -At Service

Contractors Liability Insurance California -At Service If you have decided to start up a contracting business for yourself then you have to employ workers for the sake of that business. If you have hired workers then you have to think for their security. In a construction site there is a lot of chance of having major and minor accidents. For...more

Limited Liability Company – LLC

Limited Liability Company – LLC A Limited Liability Company, orLLC is a legal form of business organization with daily activities like a partnership but with limited liability similar to a corporation. The Limited Liability Company or LLC is neither a partnership nor a corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a relatively new...more

The Importance of Construction Liability Insurance

The Importance of Construction Liability Insurance Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places available and different harms are present. With just one wrong move, you can expect different accidents to happen that can provide you with tons of damages that you will need to pay for.One solution for this problem will be to acquire a construction liability insurance which insures you whenever any accidents occur that result to the damage of properties and the acquisition of certain injuries.With comprehensive liability insurance for construction, coverage is at a much wider scope since it will include tenants, sole proprietors, organizations, and business partners. Most of the times, mortgage companies will require contractors to present a certificate of a construction insurance before they are allowed to remodel or even repair homes that is why a liability insurance is of great importance.A sufficient amount of construction liability is usually purchased by a contractor so that they can easily pay residential and commercial properties whenever they inflict damages. Subcontractors on the other hand are already required to have their own liability insurance which...more

Necessary Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

If you have a business or plan to have one in the near future, you need commercial liability insurance coverage. It will protect your business from common claims of all types. It is always better to have too much than too little coverage.Because your...more

Things To Ba Familiar With Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a form of general insurance policy that offers fiscal cover to protect a policyholder from financial impairments payable to a third party in event of accidental injury, disease or death. The insurance policy also handles...more

Umbrella Insurance for Excess Liability Coverage

Umbrella Insurance for Excess Liability CoverageUmbrella liability insurance for small businesses which is better known as excess liability insurance is a specific kind of insurance protection that provides extra protection when you force to exceed...more

Facts About Premises Liability Lawsuits

A person who owns any type of property such as a business, home, apartment building, or even a boat are required by law to maintain that property in a safe manner. If you are injured due the negligence of a property owner then you might have a case...more

Directors And Officers Insurance - An Overview

If you are an officer or a director at a company - be it a large corporation or a small enterprise, you are at risk of possibly facing high legal fees if someone should happen to file a claim against you. You would, in fact, be responsible for paying...more

Protect Your Workers With Directors And Officers Insurance

No matter what kind of company you have - for profit, non profit, or publicly traded, its directors and officers will still be prone to various liabilities related to their duties. This is where directors and officers insurance comes in. It can be...more
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