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Laws Of Life – Causes And Effects

What are causes and effects? The Laws of life are complicated but solutions are at hand

. Learn to tackle life's challenges through this simple path of Self-Realization.

ON the evening of June 1958, Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, a family man and a contractor by profession, was on a platform of a train station in Surat, a city in South Gujarat India. While he was waiting for his train a phenomenal incident happened.

Although, Ambalal was a pious man he was not free from ego. While he was waiting he got this unparalleled experience of spontaneous Self-Realization in 48 minutes. His ego melted totally and from that time onwards he became detached from his physical state, attaining pure soul state and became a living instrument of the Lord for the salvation of the world. He became instrumental in a new religious movement. Whenever he met people he acknowledged to them that the lord exists in all living beings only that the Lord was fully manifest within him but in others the Lord is yet to manifest.

Ambalal dotingly known as Dadashri, was born in Tarasali on November 8, 1908 in a suburb of Baroda and raised in Bhadran, Central Gujarat. Even prior to his self-realization his life was exemplary but after attaining the state of the knowledgeable one (Gnani) he devoted his life to serve the public. He lived by the principle that there should not be any commerce in religion and in all commerce there must be religion. He never took any money from anyone for his own use but instead helped others from his income by taking them on a pilgrimage in various parts of India.

His words became the foundation for what he called the new direct step-less path to realization called Akram Vignan. Dadashri called this knowledge an elevator path, a short cut to the bliss of the Self. He originated this scientific method and imparted this knowledge to others within two hours. Thousands of people gained from his knowledge that helped them to change their outlook to life. His predecessors continue tirelessly to impart Dadashri's knowledge throughout the world even today.

The uniqueness of Dadashri's knowledge help people tackle daily challenges of life effortlessly. His literature on Who am I'? Anger, Clashes, Death (Before and After) Money, Fault is of the sufferer, Whatever Has Happened is Justice, Adjust Everywhere and Worries, are just some of the subjects one can delve into.

Avoid Clashes Do Not Get Into Conflicts

Dadashri said, "These need to be resolved. Why do wewant to spoil events by clashes? This simply does not suit us. People abide traffic laws, which are strict regulations; they don't drive according to their own interpretations do they? They are therefore saved from accidents. Likewise in daily life you must follow the laws that prevent clashes. Clashes occur because you follow your own laws and interpretations. There is never any difficulty with the way the traffic runs because all obey the laws. If you apply the same rule with understanding, you will never run into difficulties again. The problems arise because of your own limited interpretations of the laws of life. There is a fundamental error in understanding the laws of life. The one who explains these laws must be the one who has a thorough experience of these laws. Look at how well you observe traffic rules. It is because you have made a firm decision to abide by them. Why is your ego not telling you to disregard these laws? It is because you understand with your intellect that you might injure yourself or even be killed. This is what you can experience with yoursenses. The intellect however, fails to make you realize the possibility of a fatal outcome from engaging in conflict with someone, because it is beyond your sense perception in this life. This is very subtle matter and the damage it causes is also subtle".

Dadashri used to say; to avoid conflict does not mean to tolerate because your ability to endure is limited but to learn how to reach a solution.

Nature's Laws

According to nature's laws, things will unravel in the same way in which they had been woven. If they are woven with injustice, the weave will unravel with injustice. If the weave had been woven with justice, it will unravel with justice. This is how events unfurl but people tend to look for justice in them.

You clashed... Through Your Own Mistake

In this world, whatever conflicts you come across are entirely due to your own mistakes. No one else is to blame. People are going to clash anyway. If asked, "Why did you get into conflict?" The response would be, "Because they did!" So he is blind and you just became blind by clashing. You are "whole and sole responsible" for your actions.


"You should live your life by one principle: I do not want to hurt anyone. Even if you are walking along and a rogue comes along and runs into you and hurts you, your intention should be that you do not want to hurt anyone. When you hurt others, you are in fact hurting yourself. In any conflict, both the parties get hurt. If you inflict pain to others, you too will have to endure pain, without doubt".

Dr. Niruben Amin, born on 2 December 1944, attained Self-Realization from Dadashri on July 8, 1968 and became Dadashri's successor after he departed from this mortal world on 2 January 1988. Niruben was lovingly known as Niruma, she entrusted Mr Deepakbhai Desai to continue to help people. She departed from this world on 19 March 2006, in a state of absolute samadhi(a blissful death in a complete Soul state).

By practicing Dadashri's path to salvation we can learn to observe a situation without spontaneous harsh reactions that maybe regretted later. Dadashri used to say we must observe the situation and realise that the opposite person is a being of God just like ourselves. It is the complexity of characteristics that is making that person react that way and to remember that in any situation people are merely instruments settling accounts of past life.

Excerpts of his invaluable knowledge mentioned here are abridged versions. Those who attain this knowledge and practice it cannot become victims of circumstances but help unrestraint themselves from unruly behavior. Without it there is always a cohesive force disturbing the intellect forcing one to behave in anirrepressiblemanner. -ByKimi Mamtora

KIMI MAMTORA I have witnessed the beautiful Trimandir in Adalaj situated on the outskirts of Ahmedad, where people of all religions come together. The Trimandir is inspired by Dadashri.

Laws Of Life Causes And Effects

By: Kimi Mamtora
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Laws Of Life – Causes And Effects