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It All Begins With a Dream by:James Morecraft

It All Begins With a Dream by:James Morecraft

Do you have a vision for yourself in one, three or five years

? Dreams are the life blood of the Internet. Almost everyone dreams of quitting their job with the idea of being able to start an online business. Some people dream of having a home of their own, sending their children to college, taking enjoyable family outings or even retiring at an early age. Without dreams there would be no airplanes, no telephones, no light bulb. In today's hustle bustle society it has become an alarming fact that most don't even bother with nor have the time for dreaming any more. But we must dream in order to build our future!

Do you have a dream today? It will be of no consequence if your dream is for monetary reasons, power, a luxurious lifestyle, extended periods to spend with the family or ways to make the world a better place. Your dream is your guide to your end result. Without a dream there can be no end result.

It has been said that all successful people are huge dreamers. They can predict what their future will hold for them. They concentrate and work every day toward their vision, goal or purpose.

Conduct your thoughts everyday imagining what is possible not what should have been. Write a list of your dreams, goals and inspirations. Organize your list in priority order. Take action on your first dream. Concentrate your efforts on this dream and see it through to the end.

Always remember; You must have a dream to make a dream become reality. You must set your sites towards finalizing that dream into a wish come true and never surrender your dreams.

We all must have a job if for no other reason to keep us occupied. Most people spend the better part of their time working rather than being involved in any of the other activities in their daily lives. On the other hand though, there is also the problem that the majority dislike their employment situation. If you are in this position, you will get great benefit from what I have to say to you.

I truly believe that anybody of average intelligence or better, who applies them self, can become self sufficient conducting online activities. Let me share with you some pointers that I have accumulated during my online presence to help you establish your dream and take action toward realizing that dream.

The Internet really has evolved in the last 5 years. There are numerous jobs that are have opened up that were not imagined five years ago. Numerous people on the Internet will try to persuade you that you do not need a job. A business on the Internet is like any other business. Any business will require your time and devotion to develop. It makes no difference if we are self employed or have an employer; we all have a job to do. We just need to be satisfied with the work we do.

The good news is that there have been more careers created on the Internet than ever before. Just look at all of the possibilities that were not there a few years ago. There were no SEO specialists, pay per click specialists, web page copywriters, eBook composers or any of the other thousands of jobs that have been made necessary by the technology of the Web. You are wondering, just how does this relate to you?

Start by making a list of your areas of expertise, the job you want to do and then do a search for relative sites on the Internet. The opportunities are never ending. You could start by working for someone like a corporation on a freelance basis. This could open up possibilities of developing your own online business. You could also begin with a small venture of your own in a niche of your expertise or one that you are interested in. You could also find a JV partner and form a profitable business. It makes no difference which course you choose, you will discover that the opportunities that the Internet presents to you are endless.

I learned this tidbit of information in an attraction at Epcot in Disney World. If you can dream it, you can DO it! and how true it is.

A world of possibilities is opened to you through your own imagination and dreams.

Explore Your Inner Self. Discover just exactly what do you strive for.

Spend some time alone with yourself and think expansively. If you could do anything, if capital was not an object, what is the one thing you would like to accomplish? Be persistent until you find an answer to this question. When you do come up with that answer, chase it with all your heart. Stay committed to your dream. The biggest failure factor today is FOCUS. We find ourselves in a world of distractions. Stay focused on your dream to its completion.

It could take days, weeks, months or even years before it becomes a reality. But a reality it will become if you strive for it with all your heart. When you know what you really want, you will make yourself into an opportunity magnet for the objects you would like to have. A positive attitude attracts positive results. As you think, so you will become.

Do some research on the answers you come up with

Join forums that are geared towards the area of your expertise. You can learn a lot from some of the forum members. Search the Internet, bookmark some of your favorite sites, and find all that can be found about your dream position. You will be impressed at the endless worthwhile possibilities there are available online.

Don't give up until you nail down the path that makes you both pleased and pays the bills. With sufficient dreaming, you might even become the next Bill Gates or Michael Dell. Your limit of success is determined only by your imagination and willingness to climb to the top.

I will always carry with me what my father told me about doing my best in life. He said; You should always set your sites on what it is that you wish to achieve and model your daily life around the accomplishment of those dreams.

We must never surrender our dreams because having a dream is a wonderful possession indeed.

About the author

My name is Jim Morecraft and I help people succeed online by providing Free Websites combined with Free in-depth personal training and support so that each and every one can realize their dream. If you need help and would like for me to help you realize the full potential of what you can accomplish online and work with me on a one-on-one basis to accomplish fulfillment of your dreams, visit me now at:
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