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Is it Possible to Make Money on The Internet; Could a Free Website Be The Answer? by:James Morecraft

Is it Possible to Make Money on The Internet; Could a Free Website Be The Answer?  by:James Morecraft

If you know the proper methods to develop and implement your online business

, the chances are good that you can make money online. There are literally thousands of people trying to start a work from home Internet based business every day and unfortunately many of them will fail at their endeavor.

If you want to know why they fail and how you can avoid these pitfalls read this article carefully.

There are three major factors that contribute to failure of internet marketers. Below I will list them and tell you what to look for and avoid when starting an online business.

We live a hurry up, impatient life style

Do you catch yourself standing in front of the microwave; pacing and saying come on after you have put in a bag of popcorn? This is but one example of how we have forgot what life used to be like. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make the most of our time but there are those instances when we should slow down and think a little before we react. Setting up any business, online or not happens to be one of the items that requires a lot of thought process. You must make a simple plan that is developed around your future goals, monetary budget, time that you can allot to your business and a projected date of which you wish to achieve your goals.

Careful planning will be your roadmap that will guide your business and direct it in a successful direction. Do not grab the first opportunity that is presented to you by "John the Marketer" in his inspiring, let's get started now email. Chances are that anyone that tells you that "you must act now", "the offer is for the first 30 customers", etc. is pumping you full of hype and is most likely not going to be a desirable route for you to take.

Source out several offers that you feel are legitimate offers by doing some searching on the Internet. Narrow your choices down to what you feel are the best five of that group. Research those five in depth to come up with the cream of the crop. A hasty decision up front will result in a lot of your time being wasted along with your money and may also result in a lot of headaches and confusion for you.

Think about what it takes to make it on the Internet

Most people that are new to online business never give any thoughts to the fact that they are venturing into uncharted waters. A line of work that they know nothing about or have no ideas of what is involved to get started, promote or maintain their business. Along with planning, an online business will require a lot of devotion of your time and some cash outlay. No matter though how much time you have to devote to developing your business, you will most likely find that if you do not have good support and training, you will ultimately fail!

Training is the one item that will make or break you. Most of the people who fail to make it on the Internet do so because of the lack of guidance and training. You must find a person that will show you the ropes or you very well may throw your hands in the air and say. I QUIT!! This happens to over 90 percent of people that are trying to make a start. So, while you are making out your list of sites that you want to consider for helping you get started with an online business, give great consideration to the amount of training that you are promised and what the cost of that training will be. For a person just starting on the Internet, training and guidance should be the number one item that they look for.

Making use of all of the tools available to you

If you are just starting out to setup an online business, I am going to recommend that you make use of all of the good free items available on the Internet that you can use to start your business. There are numerous free tools on the Internet that are very useful and then there are those that are let's say worth what they cost.

There are a couple of free items that I would recommend that you not take advantage of. These two items are a free domain name and free hosting offered for an extended period of time. The reasoning behind this is that a domain name must be purchased from a registar, so if you get a free domain name most likely it will be a subdomain of another domain. A subdomain can be setup free of charge and use of a subdomain is a practice that you should avoid at all costs.

A domain name is not that expensive, usually 10 to 15 dollars per year and it is not worth the grief that you will get with a free domain name. Free hosting for any period longer than about three months is another thing that you should be wary of. If you get free hosting for any longer time than that it will almost undoubtedly spell trouble for your site. I will further explain this.

Hosting accounts that are large enough for a person to offer free hosting have a fairly healthy cost per month if they have the capabilities of handling the numerous accounts that come along with offering free hosting. Anyone who makes an offer of free hosting for an extended period of time is either not going to supply quality hosting or is not going to be in business very long. Either way, your hosting account is in jeopardy.

There are several other helpful tools that you can get free that will help you immensely in the task of developing your online business. The first thing you should look for that will save you a lot of money, time and headaches are free websites. There are a few sites that will give you a free website that is preloaded with article content for drawing traffic to your site. You must have keyword rich and relevant articles on your site for the search engines to index your site and send organic traffic to your site.

Approximately 90 percent of all articles that are included in web sites today are PLR (Private Label Rights) articles. This means that thousands of people could have access to the very same article and you need to reword those articles with some of your own content to keep them from being exact copies of the others that have been published on the Internet.

A free web design will allow you to get your site up and running without any knowledge of Html coding. That will all be done for you if you get a website that is turnkey and has the article content pre installed on the site. Those drop and drag sites that you can use to make a site will soon bury you with language that you do not understand and inevitably you will need to learn Html coding to make your site work and be able to add money making features to your website. Remember also, a free website will allow you to get a website published to the Web with little or no cash outlay.

The next item that you can make good use of is a keyword research program. Google and Keyword Explorer do make available good free keyword tools for you to use. The only problem with Google's keyword tool is that you really do not get all of the figures to compare the amount of competition that there is for any given search term or keyword phrase. Google shows you a bar graph for competition not actual numbers. These tools are free though and you can make use of them to find the relevant search terms that have fairly high search volumes for drawing targeted traffic to your website.

If you decide on a free website that has article content preloaded on the site and make use of the free keyword tools, you will have all of the tools that you will need to get your site published to the web and indexed with the search engines. This is the time that your devotion for your online endeavor is going to begin coming to the forefront. Once your website has been published to the web, you must go to work and post a few blogs to get your site indexed with the search engines in the least amount of time possible.

There is a great blogging book I recommend to all of my clients and friends. This book will not only give you details of how to post blogs that will be the most effective, it will guide you to free blogging sites that you can make use of to post your blogs. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this great book, fill out the information form on the home page of my website requesting the link to the blogging book and I will send you this information.

My advice to anyone starting out on the Internet is to make use of any useful tools that are available to you for free because there are so many tools being sold today that cost a pretty penny and do not work any better than some of the free stuff you will find to work with.

Always remember though that finding quality training at the cheapest price possible will be a number one priority. There are sites that will train you for free. Believe me, these sites do exist and you should take advantage of the best offer you can find for good training to develop your website.

About the author

My name is Jim Morecraft and I help people succeed online by making available Free Websites combined with Free in-depth personal training and support so that each and every one can start an online business with the least amount of upfront investment. If you need help and would like for me to help you realize the full potential of what you can accomplish online and work with me on a one-on-one basis to accomplish fulfillment of your dreams, for a free web design and the free training that I provide, visit me now at: http://www.freewebsite200.c
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