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Internet Network Marketing - Leveraging The Power of Email Marketing by:Toki Tover

Internet Network Marketing - Leveraging The Power of Email Marketing by:Toki Tover

Email marketing gives you some SERIOUS leverage

. Let's say you pull 10 leads a day. That's 300 leads per month. That's around 3,600 leads per year.

First off, do you think you could expand your business with that many interested people to talk too? I think so. Second off, if you know what you are doing, you can make $2000 bucks a month with a highly targeted list of only 3,000 people in and of itself.

Each of those opt ins has a distinct value that you will be able to figure out when going over your business metrixes. Let me explain briefly how email marketing can not only leverage your ability to build a network marketing organization. But can also produce you a whole slew of income streams completely different from your one company paycheck.

To start, remember what network marketing is all about? Relationship building.

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to build relationships with THOUSANDS of people all at once. There is an exact formula you can use which will make you stick out in the eyes of all those people getting your emails every single day. You don't want your emails to be the same lame, boring, corporate stuff they would get from any regular company. You want what you send them to have some personality to it.

You want them to get a feel for who you are. You want them to know what you are about, what makes you tick as a person, but most importantly, you want them to know that you are someone who can help them get what they want. But the point is, email marketing gives you incredible leverage to build relationships with thousands of people all at once. I keep emphasizing that because I want the mentality of relationship building to be so deeply ingrained in your head that it's all you think about. Seriously. Forget everything else. Forget your volume, your company, your business, forget everything. Focus solely on building a relationship with every human being who comes by your way.

Relationships are pure gold. They are the basis of everything we do. Your auto responder and email list is your means to build relationships on a massive scale with the click of a button. In order to not have it be one sided relationships, where it's just you sending information to them about who you are, encourage people to ask questions or be part of the community. Really work to create a sense that there is a community they are a part of, and they aren't just some name on an email list. That will go along way to establishing trust between you and all these people.

You could encourage people to send you questions by offering them a free gift of some sort if they do, then take these questions and share them with the rest of your list, while you answer it. This positions you as an expert to your list, and also helps to build that sense of community and deepens your relationships with lots of the people on your list. Let's get into some of the other treasures of email marketing and that is generating multiple streams of income. When you have a targeted list, you now have a market that is directly primed for certain types of products. You can make very good money, simply by filling the need this market has with a product that is exactly what they are looking for.

This is what ALL many very successful marketers online do. They build highly targeted email lists, and then just market products that are targeted to that list. And guess what? People are making BIG BUCKS doing it! Were talking in the five, six, seven figures. The sky is the limit with email marketing. As more and more people just keep coming into that list, your ability to make more and more money just keeps increasing.

The key is to KNOW your market very well, and to only offer them products that are targeted to what they are looking for. As soon as you start cross promoting products, you will see people dropping off your list like flies.

People do not want to feel like they are just property meant to be extorted for as much as possible. Who the heck would to hang around someone who sees them like that? You have to treat your list very delicately. In a way, you should cater to their needs, but at the same time be firm in who you are and what you have to offer.

You will attract the right people by making very clear what your intention is. If you truly have a servant's heart and are there to help people, state exactly what they should expect from you. If you will be offering products you think could benefit them over time, state that early on so they know what to expect. Be real with people, and you will gain their trust. Once people trust you, your offers will be received with much more open arms.

A way you could find out what your list is looking for is simply surveying them. Ask questions, create a survey and find out why most people are on your list. Ask them what they are looking for in a business, what they feel they need to succeed, what they feel their knowledge level is at, all sorts of questions.

The best way to determine what their needs are is simply to ask them. Once you have a good feel for your list, then you can set up your campaigns, or messages to give them exactly what it is they are looking for. By doing this, you will build your relationship with them, establish trust, and also learn how you can create additional revenue streams all from your initial effort of building your Internet Network Marketing business.

Honestly, you may be reading this right now only because you wanted to add new people to your downline and watch your group grow around the world. But if you aren't incorporating a lot of these other elements, you are leaving serious money on the table.

About the author

Toki Tover is a leading online marketer with the Global Resorts Network. She trains and mentors others in creating wealth-on-demand through "personal branding" using cutting-edge marketing systems and video. See examples of Toki's personal branding techniques at her Global Resorts web site:
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