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Hurghada Clinic A Polish Klinik At Egypt by:Waleed Samir

Hurghada Clinic A Polish Klinik At Egypt by:Waleed Samir

Hurghada is a popular beautiful tourist spot in Egypt

. The region is one of the best places in terms of scenic beauty and has attracted many travelers form around the world. Hurghada is located in the city of Port Said Governorate of Egypt. It is situated near the Red sea coast. This region has been known for the best sea beach resort for the past twenty years as it offers many kinds of entertainment for the travelers like holiday villages, hotels which provides some of the most popular beach games for sailboarders, yachtsmen, scuba divers and snorkelers. This place has been known before as a fishing place. This place is now divided in three parts. People mostly come here in the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Hurghada is also known for water sports activities, nightlife and warm weather.

Before traveling we should prepare ourselves to face any kind of problem, especially if it is health related. It has been recommended that while going for a trip to Hurghada we should carry some basic medicines with us, although there are lots of dispensaries and hospitals in the place but we should also ensure that we have traveler's health insurance. One problem that is very common in Hurghada is the traveler diarrhea which many of the travelers face while traveling there. This disease must be dealt carefully otherwise it can be very dangerous. So it is very important to take vaccines before going to the places around Egypt. Other diseases such as Hepatitis A or B, Typhoid or polio can attack the travelers. The sunlight of Egypt is very strong and travelers should protect themselves with some sunscreen lotion before traveling.

To prevent the traveler's diarrhea the travelers should eat well cooked food and wash the fruits well before eating. We should also wash our hands before eating so that the germs cannot enter our body. The travelers must carry bottled water with as the water purity at Hurghada is not safe one. Many people are attacked by the contaminated water. The travelers must drink plenty of water to prevent form dehydration, as the place is warmest of other tourist places. The travelers should not bath nor drink the water of the Nile, this may cause yellow fever. The medical expenditures of this place are very costly as there is scarcity of dispensaries, so we have to be careful ourselves. There had been a suspect of bird flu in the region, so the travelers should not eat wild birds and should deep fry poultry items before eating them. In fact it is better to eat home cooked food at Hurghada and avoid any kind of stale food.

There are other things in Hurghada that travelers should avoid. The first thing is bathing in naked feet in the sea. This can be very dangerous because the sea contains stone fish which look like a stone but are very dangerous, we can die by its sting as it contains a very poisonous chemical. The travelers should also avoid raw fruits and vegetables found on this region of Egypt. Unless they are well cooked they must be avoided. The most important thing that must be avoided is extreme sunbath which can cause dangerous skin diseases because of the strong African sunlight. So travelers must be well prepared and should adapt to the surroundings of the beautiful place to make a happy traveling.

About the author

Waleed Samir: Medical doctor and GP graduated from Ain Shams university. The sunlight of Egypt is very strong and travelers should protect themselves with some sunscreen lotion before traveling. If you want to get more information please visit -
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Hurghada Clinic A Polish Klinik At Egypt by:Waleed Samir Islamabad