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Grab Have Greatest And Most Stimulating Week Of Your Only One's Life, Book Get Wet In The Bahamas

Grab Have Greatest And Most Stimulating Week Of Your Only One's Life, Book Get Wet In The Bahamas

Bahamas Vacations: Travel Reminders

Bahamas Vacations means going to a sovereign country and as such there are things to note before you begin packing your bags. Citizens of the USA and Canada are not required to present a passport while other nationalities may be asked to plus in some cases a Bahamas visa is also required; the best way to know is to ask Bahamian authorities to avoid undue trouble. The weather in the Bahamas is generally hot and you should only bring clothes with light materials and dry easily; but as precaution you can also bring light rain wear, like rain coats plus be sure to bring plenty of beachwear and sun block. The Bahamas have their own legal tender called Bahamas dollars but local establishments accept US dollars and other currencies but make sure to check with them first; money is the key to your fun and enjoyment. Proper planning will always ensure smooth traveling.

Grand Bahama Island and Bahamas Vacations

Bahamas Vacations at Grand Bahama Island is not only about fun in the sand but also a chance to learn about the islands rich history and friendly inhabitants. Pine trees would never survive the tropical climate, its a common perception; one that is easily busted when you visit the Lucayan National Park where they not only survive but multiply by the thousands which is a testament to how diverse the natural environment in the Bahamas is. Rand Nature Center is home to 18 species of birds unique to the Bahamas which is why tourists never fail to visit this nature park; it also houses more than a hundred species of Bahamian plants. Xanadu Beach is not just famous for all the water activities tourists enjoy doing but also for beautiful hand crafted straw products that are sold around the area. Visit Grand Bahama Island if you want to relax like in the country but modern living is within reach.

Eleuthera for your Bahamas Vacations

The island of Eleuthera is among the most sought after Bahamas Vacations because its isolated enough for some peaceful moments yet modern resorts are all around the place for more convenience. The Glass Window Bridge connects Northern Eleuthera to the mainland of the Eleuthera and it offers a magnificent view of both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; the contrasting colors of the two bodies of water make for a stunning portrait. The Hatchet Bay Cave is filled with stalactites and stalagmites which make this mile-long dark tunnel an enticing prospect for those who love caving; if youre attuned to your religious side, you will find that these formations resemble church buildings. The Beach at Pineapple Fields is a wonderful treat for your eyes which can be enjoyed more at Tippys; a bar and restaurant nicely located with a view of the pineapple plantation. Eleuthera is so beautiful an island that even members of the British Royal Family have been seen vacationing here.

Bahamas Vacations: Andros

The island of Andros is a great place to enjoy nature at its best during your Bahamas Vacations for it is touted as an eco-tourism destination. Andros is the biggest of all the islands in the area yet it is the least developed making it the perfect spot for implementing ecotourism endeavors which the island did. A short boat ride from the island will bring you to the third largest barrier reef in the world which is only a few miles away. You will also see wild dolphins and whales swimming along the mile-deep wall full of corals which is home to a variety of tropical fishes and you can either snorkel or dive to see this wonderful sight. This island is also home to a variety of local birds like flamingos, spoonbills and the Bahama parrot aside from the migratory birds that make a stopover here during their long trip home making bird watchers excited every time. You can also hike through the forests and have a lesson on herbal medicines given by the local guide as well as try a hand at fishing. This island is a place that you want to visit when you are in the mood to commune with nature.

by: Niall Gaston
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Grab Have Greatest And Most Stimulating Week Of Your Only One's Life, Book Get Wet In The Bahamas Islamabad