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Getting Familiar with Affiliate Marketing by:Ruth Abigail Sebastian

Getting Familiar with Affiliate Marketing by:Ruth Abigail Sebastian

Affiliate Marketing basically means selling other people's products

. It can be done in the physical world or through the internet. They both have the same basic principles but since they sell in different ways, they use different strategies. Whatever strategies used, it still involves earning through commissions once somebody buys the product from you. It is like being the middle man.

Affiliate marketing through the internet involves having a website that has facts or useful information about some benefits that one can get from a certain product and a link to the merchant's page that offers the product.

For instance, you have a website and you want to sell a merchant's product. You need to have some general facts or interesting information about the product, and lead your site visitors to click on a link that will show the sales page of the product. Your main goal is to do great marketing on the internet so that when your potential customers reach the sales page, they would have no other decision but to make a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is also known to be a business where you could have passive income. This means that you can start it up by having a website that has very rich contents, compelling your target market to know more about the product until they make a purchase; and with little inputs, you will continue earning as long as you started your business right. If there will be a time when you need to take a vacation, you can do so while your site directs people to the sales page and continues with the sales conversion.

When you join an affiliate program, you will have your own affiliate link. This means that you will have a page created by the merchant where you can direct people and when they make a purchase, you automatically get the commission. This is because that page has your affiliate id and every sale that went through is considered yours.

Affiliate programs also have unique setup on cookies. If somebody sees a merchant's site through your link, cookies are saved in their computer. These cookies contain your link information. Consider that they didn't buy at the onset of seeing the page, when they go back to the merchant's site, going directly to their business site address and decided to purchase, the sale is still considered yours.

However, cookies can usually be saved under your link in up to 90 days, depending on the merchant. So, you need to be aware of this when joining an affiliate program; or you may choose to sell a merchant's product that gives longer time for cookies to be set under your link.

There are still a lot of things to know about affiliate marketing. It is lucrative but it is not a get rich quick business. Just like any other businesses, you must have focus, planning, and direction in it. You must also exert time and effort to reach your aspirations. It is best to think that you will surely be successful in it, you can get going.

About the author

Ruth Abigail Sebastian is a rising Super Affiliate. Learn about affiliate marketing and rise up with her in this venture.
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