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Get Ready To Succeed in Home Business by:D Van Haelst

Get Ready To Succeed in Home Business by:D Van Haelst


Research the lives of all of the "gurus." The one thing that you will learn is that my own experience is not unique. Most of the high earners on the Internet experienced a learning curve very similar to my own.

Chances are that your curve will also be similar to mine, but it is my hope that you can get to the top faster than even I did. Three years was a long time to struggle, but every ounce of struggle was worth the reward I have finally acheived.

In order to shorten your own learning curve, you must do a few things differently than the rest of us did. You must become the master of your learning curve.

What's the shortest distance between two lines? Everuyone knows it's a straight line!

There is only one way to get from A to Z the Internet fast:

You must plan your sucess!

Here is the run down. Most people put up a freebie website and select a few affiliate programs to add to their website. Right from the get-go, most people are running for the finish line without any plan in mind.

After a few short weeks, people begin to see the writing on the wall that says, "This is going to be a long hard road."

People check their hit counters daily for six weeks before they realize that getting traffic to their free site is going to be tough.

At this point, they begin developing their first batch of advertising. Then they spend countless months finding places to show their advertisements for free. Some make an even more drastic mistake by blowing thousands of hard earned dollars on their new and untested ads.

These are the people who will learn the facts of life the hard way.

In time, they will learn how to make their advertising work for them, but most will earn very little money from their affiliate programs.

At this point in the learning curve, most people throw up their hands and walk away from their dreams in utter disgust. Instead of a walking away point, this should have convinced the struggling online entrepreneur that they were simply traveling the wrong road.

YOU have to plan your success

You don't just wake up one day and decide to go to California and get into your car without a map! No idea of how to even get there, what the gasoline cost may be, food, lodging, etc.

So it is the same with business. From the beginning, you must begin to learn about the nuances of web promotion. Read everything you can get your hands on. Don't just read the hype, back it up with the opinions of others who have reviewed the same programs before you came along. Learn from their mistakes and successes. Chew up the meat and spit out the bones! Not everything will work for you as an individual. You take the best from everyone. There's a lot of information on the web, just waiting for you to dig in and learn. How badly do you want it?

As you begin to learn, you must also look to make a decision. Do you want to step into a pre-built program that is designed to help you to succeed, OR do you want to create a completely new program of which you are the only owner? Don't try to recreate the wheel ! Search hard and you will find something that is just right for you. Something someone has already set up, just waiting for you and all your enthusiasum to come and tear it up! That's what I did. It works.

If you decide to step into a pre-designed and complete turn-key online money-making venture, then you must select the right venture to step into. If this is your decision, I encourage you to examine my instant income plan that is so automated even you will be pleasently surprised at:

If you decide to go the journey on your own, then do all of the necessary research, planning and preparation that is needed for your success.


Decide what you think you would want to do, and then figure out how your planned site will generate a real income.

Internet old-timers know about hundreds of corporation domains that existed with IPO millions, but did not have an actual money plan that could sustain their business model. Most of these companies were among the hundreds of companies that bellied up in the 2000 dot bomb experience.

Don't blindly believe in your plan. Research others on the web who have undertaken similar business models and see if they have survived. Study your competitors in depth to learn what is working for them and what did not work for them. To better understand what has or has not worked for competitor websites, check out their time lapsed progressions using the Wayback Machine:

Once you have determined your money plan, then you should undertake the development of a business plan and a marketing plan. Utilize professional assistance if you need to do so. While creating your plans, make a determination as to which domain name you think would be best, then register it along with a hosting account. A good place to do this is at Host4Profit or GODADDY I tried to put togerther a domain name but it seemed all the best were taken u til i tried this combination..... Keep trying different words until one is accepted. Be patient!

Once you have developed your business plan and marketing plan and have run them through several revisions, then it will be time to buy your domain name and to begin work with a site designer and developer. You may need to have your domain sitting on a web host for your site developer, but this is not always necessary. While they are doing their work, enlist a copywriter to help you with your site sales copy. My company already had a site for me to jump into.

All I had to do was acquire a domain name.

If you want to do it the hard way then.....

When your site designer and developer have your site working, you should then undertake significant testing to make sure everything works as planned. It is a lot harder to fix problems on a operational site than it is to fix problems on a site that has yet to be launched.

When testing is done, then you should fill in your sales copy and then shoot for launch. Of course, you already have a marketing plan in place, so your preparation here will be simply a matter of putting the pieces of the puzzle into place.

You are finally ready to open for business. Don't be afraid to spend the money to make your dream come true. You can replace money in the goal of starting a profitable online business, but money invested can shave years off of your company's growth. I found something phenominal. I found an automated system with trustworthy closers. I didn't have to do much to get started. All the work was done for me, even the website. In minutes I was up and running. I am truely blessed. YOU can be, too!

DO NOT dispise small beginnings, and perservere. Keep at it and good luck , remember to have fun! Life's an adventure.

Author: D. Van Haelst

International Home Business Specialist

About the author

D Van Haelst

Home based internet businesses are the fastes growing businesses in the world. But, which one is right for you? An automated one with a great website made for you in seconds. FAST! That's what i like about mine. Anyone can do it! Even YOU...Come check it out now!
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Get Ready To Succeed in Home Business by:D Van Haelst