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5 Shoo Customers Do Not Bother Me Features by:Michael Cheney

5 Shoo Customers Do Not Bother Me Features by:Michael Cheney

Online customers can be the most difficult people to please

. And you cannot do anything about it. Because the customer is ALWAYS right. Even if they are wrong, they are still always right.

If you have had enough of dealing with these kinds of customers, there are 5 features you can have in your website that are sure to make your customers take their business somewhere else.

1. The Long and Winding Flash.

Flash equals fast. NOT.

In the internet world, flash means taking forever to load. Wasting some minutes of your time to see the presentation. People will still get on with their lives even if they do not see flashes on websites.

There is also the fact that putting on a cheesy intro, spinning circles and moving lines is NOT an effective marketing tactic. Online people dislike that. So does the search engines.

2. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Tags.

Blink. Blink. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. It is the tags. They are blinking!

And the purpose is what? Make people have their eyes checked? Or try to be cute in a not-so-cute fashion?

Rethink your purpose in using blinking tags. Because believe it or not, there is no real useful purpose for those tags.

3. Have Real Long Sentences With No Comma Period And Not Even Separated In Lines Or Paragraphs That End Up Not Making Any Sense At All When The Intent Is To Make Readers Understand.

Whew! Breathe! Breathe!

Not only are long sentences hard to understand, it also is boring to read. The minute your readers see these kinds of sentences, they probably could not help but stifle a yawn. Their eyes will get heavy and they will be getting sleepy...sleepyzzzz

Your website has just been made a certified sleep booster. Better than drinking milk, sleeping pills or counting sheep.

4. Pop Goes The Pop Up.

Two words: Very Irritating.

Pop up upon entering and pop up when leaving the website is a customer buster. Your customers get it! You have lots of ads you need them to see. Or displays you created yourself.

What they do not get is why you have to flaunt them every time they click on a link or run their mouse over a word or phrase. They still do not get it.

5. The Movie-Inspired Soundtrack.

Beethoven, Rock, Love Song or Heavy Metal? None of the above.

This is your website. Not Youtube or some fancy karaoke website. Your readers can forgive your soundtrack if your business is related to music. If it is not, then do not bother.

If people wanted to hear music, they will tune in their radios or listen to their play list. They definitely do not want to hear any of it in your website. Nice music or not.

Letting customers know that you do not want to do business with them is easier than you think. All you have to do is put some of these features in your website and say goodbye to irritating customers forever.

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About the author

Michael Cheney is a British Internet Marketer who lives in Aberden, United Kingdom. He has been providing coaching products to other internet marketers and has appeared on the CNBC business channel and BBC radio doing interviews for several business talk shows.
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