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A Happy Balance between Work and Life

A Happy Balance between Work and Life

Author: Neil Patrick

In today's fast-paced society, people have started realizing that they need to strike a balance between their work-life and personal life. In an effort to earn more money to reach the ultimate goal of having a quality life, the balance is lost somewhere along the way. A worldwide online survey conducted by Fast Company-Roper Starch of 1096 college-educated, employed adults in the American society throws up interesting and fascinating details about what people think on how much money is enough. Or is this enoughness of money a mobile target, a mirage or a fruitless pursuit? Webpreneurs becoming instant millionaires at the click of a button, start-ups converted into priceless R&D labs and workplace wizards putting themselves for auction to the highest bidder in the raging war for talent all these are not the hot button in the world of work today. It's not even the spiraling rewards that seem to flow to those who are brazen enough to declare themselves brands, to assert their economic independence from the traditional workplace and in the process, to free themselves from the constraints of salary, bureaucracy, and corporate gravity. The hot button today is a question that looms large in corporate boardrooms, at cocktail parties and at the family dining table. How much is enough? How much money to compensate for work? How much time to devote to family? How much public adulation to satisfy the ego? How much opportunity for private reflection to deepen the understanding? How do you define satisfaction? These questions are hot though hardly new. A worldwide online survey was conducted by Fast Company-Roper Starch of 1096 college-educated, employed adults in the American society. The findings of the survey are perhaps true of Indian society, in general, the urban, tech-savvy and career-obsessed youth who are out to grab anything as long as it smells money in particular. Answers given by respondents of the survey to a series of probing questions, offer good insight into the complex and sometimes contradictory impulses that go into people's choices about the intersection of work style and lifestyle. The survey also captures responses of people from a health resort, where Dan Baker's Life Enhancement Center caters to hyper-achieving, hyper-stressed-out business people fast trackers that need a time-out to reconnect with what really matters in life. Taken as a whole, the survey results indicate another kind of balance dynamic tension between hope and futility. We are, after all, a race of strivers: We're always running harder and we're often willing to sacrifice resources in the present in order to pursue greatness in the future. For many of us this precarious blend of wanting and having, of getting and spending, and calling it "balance" is acceptable and we are prepared to embrace with open arms. We believe that at some point, having "more" of something more money, more self-knowledge will change the game in a way that yields a new style of work, a new way of life, and a new sense of personal freedom. If such point is realized then, at last, we will have it all. Apparently what is not relevant to us whether such reality will eventually emerge or not. For the moment, it's a dream and that seems to be enough. The author is an expert in wiring custom essays/dissertations in the field of human resource management. He has been with the company for some years as a senior writer.About the Author:

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