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Vacation To Antarctica: An Experience of A Lifetime by:Jo Alelsto

Vacation To Antarctica:  An Experience of A Lifetime by:Jo Alelsto

Have nowhere to go this coming holiday? Still have no idea where youll spend your

next annual vacation? Drawing up blank on the next cruise you want to take?

You have experienced the exotic wonders of the tropics. You have walked the ruins of ancient civilizations. You have enjoyed and frolicked in the night life of the worlds best entertainment centers. You have gazed at the deceptively barren wasteland of the deserts. And you have had your experience of a winter wonderland, or have you?

Have you been to Antarctica?

Thats the only place on earth youll find the perfect, endless yet enigmatic winter wonderland. Vacation To Antarctica:  An Experience of A Lifetime by:Jo Alelsto

Vast expanse of white snow and ice, snow covered mountains loom in the distance, tall fjord-like ice shelves, and floating ice floes and ice bergs dot the cold Antarctic waters.

So whats so unique about a holiday to Antarctica that makes it so different from a vacation in the Swiss Alps or a skiing trip to Colorado?

For starters, were talking about Antarctica here. That large continent to the south is a location which still remains one of the unchartered places in the world where you will experience the beauty of this largely unexplored terrain. Can you imagine yourself like the archeologist who first set foot on the remains of the Incan city of Macchu Picchu? Well, a holiday to Antarctica seems pretty much like that.

You, as an explorer, to set foot on one of the worlds rarely visited places and one of the few who will experience its magnificence. Isnt that a great picture?

Another great reason to spend your holiday to Antarctica is the teeming wildlife in such a harsh environment, the whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, seagulls, petrels, albatrosses, terns, penguins, and other animals, which can be found no where in the world. Shoals of fish, krill, jellyfishes, crabs, and other marine life abound on the waters and shores. And as unlikely as it seems, theres two flowering plants which survived in the cold Atlantic landscape, the Antarctic pearlwort and Antarctic hair grass.

It may not be believable to some that the stark Atlantic environment can support such a large collection of wildlife and thats the beauty of these creatures, their ability to survive in such a cold, forbidding setting. There are new species discovered all the time in the Atlantic, a marvel of Nature indeed!

Most Antarctic expeditions have naturalists on board the vessel to help passengers appreciate the life of these Antarctic creatures.

If youre a photography buff then its another reason for going on a holiday to Antarctica. The 24 hours of daylight which vary at each different time of day create one of the best light displays you will ever see! Above or below the ice, a holiday trip to the Antarctic offers you rare opportunities to photograph exotic landscapes, magnificent creatures, and light displays. These are one of the best places to take pictures of Nature at her best. Just make sure you bring the right equipment for it can be very cold.Vacation To Antarctica:  An Experience of A Lifetime by:Jo Alelsto

Life in this part of the world had and still exists with little human intervention. So a holiday to Antarctica must also be a responsible travel since you are paying tribute to Nature. The magnificent creatures you will come across and the landscape you will walk must remain as it is when you arrive.

Remember to take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.

About the author

Jo is an author and publisher for Antarctica Bound (, experts in Antarctic tours, Antarctic expeditions, and vacation cruises who are totally committed to offering the finest possible service and unbeatable price. If you would like to get on an amazing Antarctica trip then it is vital that you receive a good, objective information from a competent travel coordinator such as Antarctica Bound who can advise and help you pick the best ship and itinerary to suit your beliefs and your budget.
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Vacation To Antarctica: An Experience of A Lifetime by:Jo Alelsto