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Select The Super And Utmost Rousing Days Of Your Only One's Life, Book Visit To The Bahamas

Select The Super And Utmost Rousing Days Of Your Only One's Life, Book Visit To The Bahamas

Great Bahamas Vacations at Andros Island

If you are the person who loves to go to places where relaxation and eco-tourism mix, then Andros is the only place to go for your Bahamas Vacations. There are no high class exclusive hotels and bars yet in this island rendering it to be a perfect place for ecotourism activities to be put into practice. A short boat ride from the island will bring you to the third largest barrier reef in the world which is only a few miles away. You will also see wild dolphins and whales swimming along the mile-deep wall full of corals which is home to a variety of tropical fishes and you can either snorkel or dive to see this wonderful sight. This island is also home to a variety of local birds like flamingos, spoonbills and the Bahama parrot aside from the migratory birds that make a stopover here during their long trip home making bird watchers excited every time. Have one of the locals teach you how to fish or learn more about plant and herbs and how they can cure a variety of sickness while hiking along the forest trails. This island is a place that you want to visit when you are in the mood to commune with nature.

All you need to know before planning your Bahamas Vacations

If you want to go on Bahamas Vacations its always important to remember that you are traveling to another country and they have rules and guidelines tourists need to follow. Citizens of the USA and Canada are not required to present a passport while other nationalities may be asked to plus in some cases a Bahamas visa is also required; the best way to know is to ask Bahamian authorities to avoid undue trouble. The weather in the Bahamas is generally hot and you should only bring clothes with light materials and dry easily; but as precaution you can also bring light rain wear, like rain coats plus be sure to bring plenty of beachwear and sun block. Changing currencies can be done once you arrive in the Bahamas but there are places where they accept US dollars and other kinds of legal bills; always remember to bring enough money so you can enjoy more. Planning any trip can save you from a lot of trouble in your travel destination. Select The Super And Utmost Rousing Days Of Your Only One's Life, Book Visit To The Bahamas

Relaxing Bahamas Vacations at the Berry Islands

If you want you Bahamas Vacations to be more than the usual beaches, sightseeing, rounds of golf, the head out to the Berry Islands for this is the perfect place to go for some me-time. Rent a boat and head out to one of the many small islands that make this mini-chain of islands and find some peace and quiet time for you. The islands many thatch berry trees gave it its name. Sport fishing is considered a big sport in the island which is another activity that you can do aside from snorkeling and scuba diving. Sunbathing and just lazing by the shore is another thing that you can do the whole day. You can attend the Berry Islands Festival that usually happens during the month of May so that you can get to feel how the locals live in the island as well as participate in the many activities organized by their tourism board. This island is definitely a place to go for some private time either by you or with someone.

Bahamas Vacations in the Amazing Bimini

One of the best spots for your Bahamas Vacations is the mysteriously beautiful Bimini Island; Ernest Hemingway, world renowned author and poet, had a lifelong love affair with the place where he often fished. Having visibility up to two hundred feet beneath the surface makes the waters of the Bahamas a perfect spot for divers and in Bimini; theyve discovered limestone blocks arranged symmetrically which they believe to belong to the Lost City of Atlantis maze of roads thus they christened it Bimini Road. The Tiki Hut Beach stretches two miles which is big considering Bimini is the smallest of the Out Islands and its white sand gives an amazing contrast to the greenery surrounding it making it a picturesque landscape. Visit the underwater wreck of the Liberty ship Sapona, once a storage hold for smuggled liquor in the time of the ban on alcohol trade in US territories. Feel the magical bond between man and nature when you visit Bimini Island.

by: Niall Gaston
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