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My Dog Barks When The Doorbell Rings

My Dog Barks When The Doorbell Rings

Does your dog bark non stop, driving you absolutely crazy

? Mine doesnt but I Know that many do, but there are ways of reducing the incessant need to woof it up, you just have to know them.

First of all, Fido may have a good reason to bark so before you throw your fav slipper at him, maybe determine that he is barking out of pure evilness and not at the boogie man coming to get you!

OK. We have established that your lovable 4-legged family member is barking just to hear the sound of his own voice, now how do we stop it?

Why do dogs bark? Pretty much for the same reasons why we speak. They bark to alert us of something going on, they bark when they are excited, they bark as a form of communication with other dogs, they bark when put in stressful situations and they bring out their business bark to ward off possible intruders.
My Dog Barks When The Doorbell Rings

So once we have established that there is no possible good reason why Fido is barking non stop, we can figure out a way to stop it, and stop it quick.

- First option is to shoot the pooch, thus putting an end to the bark fest! Just Kidding! In all seriousness, one of the best ways to stop your dog barking is to actually teach him to speak on command, a topic for another post entirely. By teaching your pet to talk on command, you can control when he barks and when he does not.

- If your dog is one of those that barks like mad when somebody comes to the door, this actually might not be a bad thing at all. Allowing a few barks to alert you of the presence of somebody outside your home is a good thing I think, now how do you minimize the barking to a few instead of a few hundred? Simple: Practice with a friend or family member, who will come to your door just as you happen to have Fido on a leash. Let him bark a few times when the doorbell rings or your comrad knocks on the door and make a fuss over him for being soo observant. Once he has barked enough for your sanity, quiet him using a certain word in a firm voice, that you will now use every time you want him to shush. Treats work very well here, and even if Fido is quiet for a split second when you utter his quiet command reward him. Over time he will learn to associate being quiet with yummy rewards. Dogs also tend to wanna lunge for the door, something that you can prevent because youve got him on a leash.

- Carrying on from the above option, you can use the same approach to teach your pet to do pretty much anything when there is action at the front door, ranging from sitting nicely in the living room, to going to his bed and lying down, to jumping up on the kitchen table. :( The end goal is to teach your pet to act a certain way when the doorbell rings, with the key to teaching them to act accordingly when the doorbell rings being consistent in your approach and never letting them get the better of you.

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