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7 Marketing Tips for a Small Business


7 Marketing Tips For A Small Business

If you are running a small business, chances are, you do not have the employees or the budget that bigger businesses have to embark on a marketing campaign. But fret not because this is not the end of your marketing endeavour. There are plenty of ways to get your name out there, even if it means having to write and submit your own marketing material.Here are 7 low cost but highly effective marketing tips that can help small businesses find...more

7 Major Reasons Why Your Sales Is Suffering by:Chris Randolph

We, as professional salespeople, thrive on success in our fields, right? Most of us in this noble profession have found ourselves in a "sales slump" or in a "sales plateau". We know what these situations are, right? A "sales slump" is where we can't even sell someone water in the middle of the desert. A "sales plateau" is where our numbers have stopped climbing (regardless of the volume) and we're maintaining the numbers at a certain level and we aren't able to make more sales.Major Reason # 1: You "Versus" ThemIn our line of work, we have to make sure that we focus more on our prospects rather ourselves. Our prospects are bombarded with numerous sales messages, sales presentations and solicitations. What makes you with your product or service stand out? Prospects can "smell" when all they are is a commission check to you. It comes across in your demeanor. The more likely they are sense this from you, the less likely you're going to make a sale.Ask yourself these questionsÂ…"What are their primary problems, fears, challenges, questions, needs and wants?"Why should the prospect get my product or service?""How can I get my prospect to think of me as an...more

7 Magical Things That Can Make Your Business Cards Great

Author: Colleen DavisYou want to make something new and interesting with your business card printing? Do you want to stand out and be noticed? Well, your business cards can be easily tweaked to make them look great. We have here seven great ideas that will make your business card printing a little bit more interesting and eye catching than the...more

7 Key Steps to Creating a Business Website

Website Basics for Business OwnersWhether you are going to try to create your website yourself, or if you're going to have a web company do it for you, these basic steps apply.Step 1: Domain Name - The name of your website. This is the first step in creating a website and is the name for your web address. This is how you let a browser know...more

7 Ideas To Efficiently Organize Business

If you intend to attain your goals and be successful in business then here are seven basic getting organized ideas to stick to. All of them are necessary and I've found that individuals who follow them are far more productive, less pressured and generally, probably produce much better quality work. I have listed them in the order of how quick they are to implement.1. Use a book to write stuff down in.Putting into action this is the the easiest tip. I've got a very painless and rapid and straightforward technique. Using this technique Allow me to keep track of things that took place years ago. I could very easily remember who said what in meetings and exactly who committed to doing exactly what and by when. I can revisit ideas which i had when I was on vacation or even when i just woke up five years back. I can view diagrams of ideas and relationships. I can observe exactly how thoughts began and evolved and were either productive or flops.Could you do that?How I accomplish this is as simple as writing things down in a book. It's very straightforward. I refer to this book my "Thinking Book".2. Find a Quiet Space to WorkIf your work will involve thinking then you will...more

7 Ideas For Your Business Blog

Facebook Fan Supply has been solving these two problems for hundreds of satisfied customers. The Facebook Fan Supply has been tried and tested and known to produce excellent results.First: Click Here To Visit Facebook Fan SupplyFacebook Fan Supply...more

7 Hot Effective Online Business Ideas That Work

7 Hot Effective Online Business Ideas that WorkThe following online business ideas are not only real and effective. But some pretty famous people have made money from them. I am going to walk through each in short direct detail so get ready. But...more

7 Helpful Tips On Starting A Cash Gifting Program

Following these seven helpful tips when starting out in a cash gifting program will help you achieve the success that you are seeking for your home based business. 1. Make sure that you set aside time for inviting others to join cash gifting with...more

7 Great Tips For Choosing An Accountant For Your Business

This article aims to give you a few pointers for choosing an accountant to look after the reporting of your finances - naturally, this will perhaps be on the most important relationships in you business, so you need to get it right.So, what are the...more

7 Foolproof Business Networking Tips

Here are some simple tips to follow for the person who is just about to enter into the networking fray.1. Discover who it is you want to target with your product or new idea. If you are representing a product in the life science sector, do not attend...more

7 Fatal Sins That Will Kill Your Personal Brand - What Tiger Woods Should Have Known!

We're now two weeks into the Tiger Woods scandal and it has already cost hima lucrative contract with his sponsor Accenture but could he be set to losemore!? It is reported that his deal with Nike is worth $40 million dollars ayear. At this...more
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