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Take A Walk Down The Aisle To Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Take A Walk Down The Aisle To Get Cheap Auto Insurance

When discussing marriage plans, there are many details to consider: catering costs

, color combinations, florists, bridal registries, tuxedo rental, and the chance to get really cheap auto insurance. It is not something that most brides or grooms actually have on any of their numerous wedding-related lists, but getting married actually affects auto insurance rates.

Among the many changes that a wedding brings to the life of a couple, the opportunity for cheap auto insurance is one of the most frequently overlooked. There are many reasons why that is the case, but the fact is that statistically, individuals who are married are considered less of a claims risk than those who are single. It is true that sometimes individuals do not fit the statistics, but insurance rates are based on the behaviors of the aggregate. When you get married, you will benefit from the fact that the majority of married people do better statistically when it comes to auto accidents and other insurance risks.

Insurance rates for males are especially high before they reach 25 years of age. However, if they marry before that age, their insurance rates will usually drop. All of a sudden they will go from having very expensive rates to relatively cheap auto insurance rates, simply by saying those magical words: "I do." And, even better, by consolidating the insurance policies of both people and getting joint policies for auto, renters or homeowners insurance, and any other forms of insurance like motorcycle, boat, or RV, the savings on auto insurance can continue to grow. Insurance companies do not refer to the new cheap opportunities as the marriage-discount, however. Usually they will talk in terms of multiple vehicle and multiple policy discounts.

Just as couples often sit down to determine whose bank they will bank with once they are married or whose brand of laundry detergent will become the new household brand, they will also want to discuss who has the cheapest auto insurance policy. They may also want to check to see if they can find cheap auto insurance from another source that neither of them has dealt with yet. Since marriage is all about new beginnings, sometimes it is beneficial to start fresh with all kinds of things like insurance, pest control, or gym memberships.Take A Walk Down The Aisle To Get Cheap Auto Insurance

However you decide to handle your new and improved cheap auto insurance, you will want to make sure to cancel any previous coverage once you are certain that both of you are fully insured under whatever new policy you agree to. Nothing puts a dent in your new cheap auto insurance premium like having to double pay because someone forgot to cancel his or her previous policy. It is actually a good idea to sit down together and review all the ways in which you have consolidated and make sure that any previous financial commitments that you no longer are beholden to are officially and permanently cancelled.

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