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Child Labour in India -- A Critical Appraisal

Child Labour in India -- A Critical Appraisal Child Labour in India -- A Critical AppraisalT. Venkateswara RaoAssistant ProfessorThe Hindu College-MBAMACHILIPATNAM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Background:Our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru said that ‘Today's children are Tomorrow's citizen.'  But, today, the governments and the society are proving that...more

Long Term Effects Of Childhood Obesity

While fat in American diets has decreased lately thanks to the public's response to the nationwide overweight epidemic, obesity is still a growing concern. While removing fat from their diets, folks can usually increase their intake of sugar, high density carbohydrates, and starches. Low protein and fat meals typically leave people feeling hungry, leading them to fill their stomachs as soon as possible.The long run effects of childhood...more

Older Children,bedwetting,and Self Diapering

In my readings on nocturnal enuresis I have come across the following situation and I decided to devote a whole article to this topic. I don't know how prevalent it is but I felt it needed to be addressed. This issue concerns me and that is why I felt it needed to be covered in more depth. On some incontinence forums I have read about some parents and babysitters diapering older children with bed-wetting problems. Some of these children are 9 or older. As we all know bed-wetting can be very stressful and in my opinion this stress can be exacerbated by parents not letting their child put on their own protection. By no means am I a childcare expert but my intuition tells me that above the age of 3 or 4 a child should be taught how to put on their own diapers. Years ago I had a friend who had to babysit a 6 year old. She was telling me that she had to diaper the child before he went to bed. Due to his age I assumed he was potty trained and that the reason he wore diapers was because of a bed-wetting problem. She told me that he went running through the house naked and screaming and refused to let her put the diapers on him,which I can't say as I blame him.I do believe that an older...more

Phoenix Child Custody Lawyer

Phoenix Child Custody Lawyer Child support is an important problem inside a divorce circumstance, either a husband or perhaps a spouse concerned within the situation wants somebody who can assist them. The Phoenix child support attorney can do some thing concerning the dilemma of help. What can a phoenix child lawyer do to aid a father or...more

How To Maintain Kids' Comforter Set?

People usually take utmost care in selection of a kid's comforter set. The comforters made of hypo-allergic materials are preferred as they are less susceptible to gather dust and dirt. You can get the kid's comforter sets in different sizes to fit their beds such as twin, crib or double size. There are many designs and styles of...more

Child Trafficking in India

World Vision India has a project exclusively dealing with Child trafficking and labour Siliguri, West Bengal. Though it is still in the initial stage but could make some remarkable breakthrough by establishing and leading the transnational Anti Trafficking Network, building excellent relationship with the local service providers and working with the local CSOs. As this project further advances, we believe that together we all shall be better informed and would be able to make a dent in the area of Child Trafficking in India. We also believe, every citizen of this country is responsible in creating awareness and mobilize a collective voice against child trafficking.Child Trafficking in India By: World Vision India About the Author World Vision India( is a Christian humanitarian organization working to create lasting changes in the lives of children,families and communities living in poverty and injustice. (ArticlesBase SC #3620017) Article Source: - Child Trafficking in India more

Kids Chat Room | Kids Room

The internet has made the entire world come together. The sheer mass of communication going on in the Internet makes it entirely impossible to police it. Therefore, along with the various advantages the internet and chat have, the most dangerous...more

Trendy Designer clothes For Kids

Today, not so hard to get out of fashion with children. There are several reasons for this. First, clothing manufacturers and fashion designers have adopted children because they understand that there is a market for children is...more

Make your kid special this Christmas

Make your kid special this Christmas Kids always want to have lots of comfort in every things whether we talk about clothes, shoes, or any thing. The most excited things to do for kids are shopping. It gives lots of excitement while doing...more

Understanding Baby Gift Registry Ideas

Like all extra parents I be inflicted with veteran the challenges faced from the second the publication is made with the intention of an extra baby is on the way. There is much to anticipate and many assets unfilled to assist us in preparing pro the...more

Disrespectful Kids - Learning How To Solve The Problem Using Effective Parenting Strategies

Disrespectful Kids - Learning How To Solve The Problem Using Effective Parenting Strategies Parents complain all the time that their kids do not show them any respect. They interpret any misbehavior as a personal affront and they tell the kids...more

Physician Settles Medical Malpractice Claim With Parents Of Child Who Died During Pregnancy For $650,000

Physician Settles Medical Malpractice Claim With Parents Of Child Who Died During Pregnancy For $650,000 A woman with hypertension goes to get recommendations from her physician when she finds out that she is pregnant. Her physician gives her...more
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