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Parents Urging For School Admission Forms To Be Online

Online Admission System makes the process of admissions a lot easier and simpler. The online admission system is beneficial to both the parents and the schools. There are many online portals which are into the sale of online admission forms. Different schools now get registered with these portals and make their information available online. These days, parents prefer online school admissions as they don't have to go here and there and search...more

Credit Cards Could Benefit Older Children

Many younger consumers are finding their access to credit limited these days, as those who compare credit card offers and fill out applications for new credit cards can find themselves being denied by stringent lenders.The recent credit crunch has adversely affected this demographic, as many young adults 18 and over are finding it difficult to obtain a credit card.New laws that were recently enacted requires co-signers for those under 21. The...more

Kids Should Learn To Carry The Handkerchief While Going To School

Cleanliness is one of the essential ways to make ourselves civilized. When we keep our body clean then we can prevent ourselves from many diseases. We should live in a healthy society and keep our surroundings disinfected.. Always remember that cleanliness is the core of good health practice and we ought to sustain this not just on our body but on our surroundings as well. It is a good health practice to guard your family against germs. Children should be taught the habit of cleanliness at an early age.The habit of cleanliness is essential for each individual and it very helpful for parents when children learn cleanliness during their formative years. This habit remains throughout the life time and it has a link with childs own health and hygiene. The spread of disease swine flu gave us indication how important is to keep ourselves clean particularly our hand. You should teach your children about personal hygiene and also train them to wash hands before meal, brush teeth regularly, have bath regularly and attire clean clothes. You should also ask them to keep henky and whenever they cough they should keep henky on their mouth so that the germs wont spread. Strep throat is very...more

Mental Retardation Among Children

Joanna, aged 4 1/2, was interviewed by the director of a preschool when her parents applied to have her enrolled. Joanna smiled a great deal and was interested looking at the toys in the office. The director, however, was concerned about Joanna's inability to say her own name and address, to communicate basic information about her family, and...more

You Again' Shows Lasting Effects of Teen Bullying by Laurie Wink

The movie, "You Again," released Sept. 24, shows the multigenerational and long-lasting trauma of teen bullying. The movie begins with Marni (Kristen Bell) returning home for the wedding of her brother (Jimmy Wolk) and finding out his future wife Joanna (Odette Yustman), aka J.J., is the girl that bullied her in high school. Bad...more

Unleash The Creativity Of Children With Thomas The Train Wooden Toys

Toys can fire up the imagination of children. However, not all toys are created equal. Some toys are highly educational and enjoyable for children while there are toys that have very little educational value. If you want to unleash the creativity of your child, then a Thomas the Train wooden toy set is one of you best options. Thomas toys are considered by the children as the rock star of toy trains. These toys are extremely popular simply because they are very attractive, colorful, and fun to play with. Your child will surely enjoy assuming the role of a track controller while playing with Thomas and other friendly trains. Most important of all, Thomas and Friends toy sets are gender neutral. Little boys and girls could play with them for hours on end. Thomas toys sets will open the mind of your child to the wonderful world of colors. Because every Thomas the train wooden toy comes in a full range of colors, your child will be able to easily learn how to identify colors. For example, the exciting Thomas at the Sodor Fair set consists of 38 pieces of different colorful blocks and pieces. This set comes with a fully decorated Thomas, a working Ferris wheel, ramps,...more

Xmas Presents With Regard To Kids -- Customized Traditional Book

Xmas Presents With regard to Kids -- Customized Traditional BookYour son or daughter might frequently study his / her favorite guide as well as picture becoming within the part from the leading man or even heroine. Getting into the trip throughout...more

5 Tips To Better Handle An Angry Child - How to Handle Your Angry Child

 5 Tips To Better Handle An Angry Child - How to Handle Your Angry Child By: Robin W. About the Author A working student studying Psychology,Sociology,Philosophy and Political science, and a Freelance writer. I am a parent and I...more

6 Play Activities That Are Better for Your Children

6 Play Activities That Are Better for Your Children There are plenty of activities these days that are not so healthy or mentally stimulating for a child. And with parents facing the strain of a tight economy and even those who are well-off...more

6 Things You Need to Know About Safe Wireless Browsing for Your Kids

6 Things You Need to Know About Safe Wireless Browsing for Your Kids These days, kids are practically glued to their gadgets. With a simple wireless connection, your children are able to spend hours surfing on the Internet without an idea of...more

Physician Settles Medical Malpractice Claim With Parents Of Child Who Died During Pregnancy For $650,000

Physician Settles Medical Malpractice Claim With Parents Of Child Who Died During Pregnancy For $650,000 A woman with hypertension goes to get recommendations from her physician when she finds out that she is pregnant. Her physician gives her...more

5 Tips On How Kids Can Make Money

5 Tips On How Kids Can Make Money As a parent, you need to teach your kids how to handle money responsibly. The best way to do that is to teach them the value of money, and help them to understand that money has to be earned, usually...more
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