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5 Ways to Add Color to a Child's Bedroom

5 Ways to Add Color to a Child's Bedroom Decorating a child's bedroom can be a tricky proposition. We want to create a space that is fun and inviting, but still maintains a sense of order and calm. We want our child to love the space now, but need that enjoyment to last without having to completely redecorate each year. In the end, the keys to a fun colorful room are well-chosen accessories.Below is a list of five simple and...more

5 Ways To Spend Time With Your Lovable Children.

Spending quality time with our children is extremely important for their development and happiness. I have interviewed thousands of children around the world and they told me that time spent with them doesnt need to be elaborate or long, but it must be "quality". We must find ways then to slow down and slip in some memorable time that will let our children know that we love and care for them.Many children will let you know in their own "subtle"...more

5 Ways To Help Your Teen Lose Weight

Here  are a  few very simple concepts to assist you in helping your teen get on a healthy road to weight management.Losing weight is a major preoccupation among teens, not least because they are bombarded almost every waking moment of their lives with images of celebrities, many not much older than themselves, with sleek, well-groomed and extremely slender bodies. At a time of physical and emotional turmoil, the last thing that a teen needs is the added pressure of not conforming to accepted standards of beauty. Sadly, society in general has deemed the overweight as the new "social outcasts", who are seen as figures of scorn at whom it is alright to poke fun, to bully and to ignore. Small wonder then, that most of today's teens have learnt to view their bodies with distrust and apprehension.The increasing consumption of fast food, lack of safe and well-equipped sports clubs for the public, and easy access to online video and computer games contribute to the rising level of obesity in the young. If you are a parent who has an obese or overweight teen and you want to help him or her lose weight safely and effectively, here are some ideas that can help accomplish your goal:1....more

5 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Fear Of The Dark

You might find it natural for kids to be afraid of a lot of things especially the dark. But this does not mean that you should just let things be that way. When kids fear the dark, their imagination starts to go on a roll and they might end up thinking about so many things that they can possibly come across with in the dark like monsters and...more

5 Ways To Dress Your Child Like A Rock Star

Many children want to grow up to be rock stars. Some even pretend they already are. If you want to dress your child to look like a rock star, follow these tips to help her create the perfect look: pick a style, start off with the crux of the matter, choose timeless pieces, accessorize to accentuate, and create a free-style hairdo.The costume party...more

5 Ways Kids Can Make Money Online! (Secret - You Can Too!)

Here's five ways kids can make money online starting right away. And there's a big secret - you can too! I never could keep a secret! So don't worry kids, we're not talking about raking leaves, mowing yards or shoveling snow! We're talking about having fun and learning how to make money online.The first two ways deal with affiliate marketing. Simply put, it's a way to refer sales to a merchant, via your internet link, and get paid a commission from the merchant. Cool? So here goes:Five Ways Kids Can Make Money OnlineBlog about things they like (or dislike). By posting daily, fresh, original content on their blog, the search engines will notice. With a little promotion of their blog, they will get traffic. In addition to providing content to their visitors, they may provide links to various products and services related to their site. When a visitor purchases the goods or services, the "kid" gets a commission. This is very popular and addicting for teens especially. Actively post in a Forum related to their site. In nearly every forum a space is provided for their "signature". This bit of text they add appears underneath every post they...more

5 Useful Tips For Enjoying A Trip To Sydney With Small Children

When travelling with small children it is important to take their needs into account before you leave home. Plan your trip for road or plane and think about the best places to stay to suit all members of the family well in advance. Serviced...more

5 Types Of Boot Camps Suitable For Teens

To give parents a few weeks break from their child's daily routine, seeking assistance through rehabilitation is necessary. The following are some of the boot camps that can provide support to unmanageable teens: hardcore military camps,...more

5 Traits Needed For Parenting A Child With Special Needs

5 Traits Needed For Parenting A Child With Special Needs Parenting a child with special needs has its challenges, but it is also one of the most rewarding things you will do in your life. For anyone that has a special needs child, you need to...more

5 Top Reasons Why You Must NEVER Download A Free Runescape Autominer! by:Carter B. Ujupati

Millions of Runescape players are discouraged and dog-tired of leveling their skills in Runescape. Which I believe you might have found this article by searching for "Runescape Autominer Download" on Google, right? In this quick and simple to...more

5 Tips to Build Self Esteem in Children with Dyslexia

5 Tips to Build Self Esteem in Children with Dyslexia Children with Dyslexia are faced with emotional as well as academic problems to overcome. Parents are the most influential persons in a child's life. These 5 Tips to Build Self Esteem...more

5 Tips on Nurturing Your Child's Spiritual Development

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