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4S shop favorable modification was easy modification to the hot hot automobile market

4S shop favorable modification was easy modification to the hot hot automobile market

4S shop favorable modification was easy modification to the hot hot automobile market

From October, the new version of "motor vehicle registration requirements," the full implementation of, the car body color, engine, body frame can register again after the conversion, converted vehicles to obtain official "status", modified car owners can finally modified cars are no longer on the annual inspection and licensing concerns. It is understood, modified cars, Chen Cheng Market Has ushered in a blowout-style "modified wave."

(Reporter Wang Shiqin) "to open a pull-style stock cars driving on the street, always attracted the curious eyes!" About spent nearly a million for the race look like Lioncel, the owner Mr. Wang quite proud, growing modified car "fans" in team, so that after conversion into the market in Shenyang Automotive Consumer rookie. October 21, the industry said in an interview with the changed policy becomes more lenient vehicle, local and Liaoyang in Shenyang, Anshan and other surrounding cities, driven by strong demand, car modification market size will be 15% next year to 20% increments.

"Fans" to train "Deal or No Deal"4S shop favorable modification was easy modification to the hot hot automobile market

Shenyang power is the square of vehicle modification shop, Chen Cheng earliest one of the professional car modification shop, six years into the history of this market. Store the relevant responsible person said, although the modified car market as Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, but a very good growth. Shenyang people's spending power in this respect should not be overlooked.

It is understood that primary modified car "fans" to spend five or six cars between 1000 to 10,000 yuan, "hard-core class" of the cost of some 10 million or even 23 million. Even Braemar , Mercedes-Benz Vehicles, some "fans" is not wrong according to change.

Now Shenyang modified car modified car market is the most common mainly in price from 10,000 to 100,000 yuan in seven or eight around the middle and low car. Of course, more than 100,000 yuan, 30 yuan for modified cars have a lot of people. According to reports, the square of Shenyang power conversion business, from 10 to 300,000 yuan accounted for about half of the car, and another 35% to 10 million or less cars.

From this year, with the modified car "fans" the rapid increase in ranks, and car modification to improve the environment, the market size will be 15-20% of the rate increase. Of the depressed new car market, vehicle modification will undoubtedly increase the demand for new car sales.

Good conversion was easy 4S shop

Chen is a "hardcore" modified car "fans." He said that in the past to change Car , Converting the former to fill out the "motor vehicle registration application form change," submitted to the Vehicle Administration identification and a copy of the motor vehicle registration certificate, motor vehicle driving license and a series of documents, the approval be modified before adoption. Adapted to the Vehicle Administration had to re-register the information related to the changes. However, from October 1 this year, the new "motor vehicle registration requirement" in addition to some changes in the relaxation of motor vehicles, adapted to change the procedures much easier. If not over the scope of modification, alteration to the vehicle within ten days after the change of registration on-line management for the.

This, some car 4S stores have seen more opportunities. Shenyang accessible, day Quanta automobile 4S store officials said they recently 4S shop outside of regular business, but also increase the car modification services, very popular.

The most common modification activities include installation of a large siege, strengthen the body, keel, improved exhaust system, change the lights to change body color and so on. To upgrade the car computer system, strengthen the chassis, engine "transplant" and so on, only to a greater assurance of quality specialty store.

Careful selection modified products "cottage" version

See cars modified profitable, many only available Car decoration Beauty shop car also hit the car modified signs. Currently, both the professional conversion shop Auto Repair Shop, beauty shop, or car, car accessories shop, car conversion products can be sold, the market can be described as mixed.
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