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Essex Autoparts –New auto parts

Essex Autoparts –New auto parts

Cars, just like many other mechanical devices need extensive maintenance in order to help improve their life span. Maintenance can range from the simplest of tasks, such as checking oil levels or performing oil changes when recommended by your owner's manual. Regularly replacing air and fuel filters are also important tasks to perform in order to ensure your vehicle is in a healthy state. Lastly, tire pressure and fluid levels need to be checked on a regular basis, to avoid potentially harmful damages to your car in the future.

However no matter how often you perform these key checks, old age will eventually cause harm to your car. Auto parts fail and need to be replaced. This article will help to cover the most common car parts that fail and why.

The Fuel Pump
Essex Autoparts –New auto parts

The fuel pump is a key component of any car;it essentially is responsible for delivering fuel to the fuel injection system. If it fails at performing its desired task, then the car's engine will not receive the gas required for the combustion process to occur. If you own a Honda or Toyota, such replacement of the fuel pump may not ever be required. However, the typical car will need such a replacement at around 50,000 miles. This is a costly procedure, due to the placement of the fuel pump within the engine; the labour alone costs almost twice that of the actual fuel pump itself.

The Transmission

The transmission is one of the most expensive car parts to replace, as normally replacing the transmission means a replacement of the entire assembly itself.Measures can be made to in order to prevent this, if they are identified early enough though, such as noticing tiny leaks. Most car models can perform well over 100,000 miles before the transmission starts to fail, although this is just a general rule of thumb so it may be best to consult your owner's manual.

Braking System

Brakes are one of the most important aspects of a car, and thus should require a lot of attention from any car owner. The more aggressive the owners driving habits are, the more wear and tear the brake pads will endure. Brake pads need to be replaced before they start grinding against the rotors, if this occurs then the rotors will need to be machined, which is expensive. Brake pads can be fitted without a mechanic, and are not too costly. Lighter vehicles will need brake pads replaced every 50,000 miles, whereas heavier vehicles such as SUV's may need to have their brake pads replaced around 35,000 miles.

Battery Life

Car batteries typically last between three and six years, as like brake pads there life span is dependent on a few variables. The brand of the battery can have an impact on its life span, as well as the climate that your car is subject to on a monthly basis, i.e. the warmer the environment the battery is prone to, the more the battery life will start to depreciate.

There are many other components and systems that can fail due to wear and tear. It's important to acknowledge the fact that your car is an investment that will continually need to be maintained. New Auto parts are easily obtainable from many auto parts shops around the country.

Essex Autoparts New auto parts

By: jon smith
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