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Your Childs Face On Wood For A Lifetime Treasure

Your Childs Face On Wood For A Lifetime Treasure

Your Childs Face On Wood For A Lifetime Treasure

First you will need a good place to work on this project. Next you will need a good wood burning iron, I use a soldering iron with exchangeable tips It's better to have at least several tips on hand. I only have a few and that's fine for me. I only have a small burning iron I'm not sure what wattage it is but it gets hot enough to burn wood.

Now once you have an iron or burning tool, with several tips you will want to consider the wood. You will need the photo of your choice as this is how you are going to get your pattern. First what size photo are you going to be trying to use. The photo will be directly related to the size of your wood portrait. You will need a blank wooden plaque a little bigger than the photo you are going to use. You can find this blank wooden plaque at any craft store or department store in the arts and crafts section, such as Walmart arts and craft section

Now What I am going to tell you now Is the key to making this process easy, Yeah you can do it without this step but this makes it so much the easier. Now you can buy one of these but the one I made works better than some of the store bought ones. What I am talking about is a tracing table.

The way I built mine was to take a drawer out of a chest of drawers, turn it upside down cut out a square and glue a piece of Plexiglas over the cut out in the bottom of the drawer. Now are you starting to see what I'm talking about?

Now take and either permanently or just temporary install a fixture with a light bulb inside the drawer.Now with the drawer upside down and with the light on, place that photo down on the glass. Place tracing paper over the photo and lightly,so as not to harm the photo,trace out the photo on the tracing paper.

Now take and put that picture that you put on the tracing paper over on the blank piece of wood plaque, only now [and this is most important] put carbon paper under the tracing paper with the traced photo

Now just go over the lines of the picture on the tracing paper with the carbon paper underneath and now you will have your pattern. Now burn this into your wood blank with your burning iron or soldering iron or whatever tool you have to burn in with.

When you are through you will have an heirloom that will last years and years
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