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Fourteen Candle Making Supplies

Fourteen Candle Making Supplies

Fourteen Candle Making Supplies

Candle making can be one therapeutic, as well as productive, hobby. With the right candle making supplies within your reach and a couple of creative ideas, you get candles! Not just candles, but unique candles your very own product!

Anyone who wants to start a hobby, may it be scrap booking, soap making, baking, painting, photography, or any other hobby out there, you need to have a complete set of the essential things you need for what you're making in term of supplies and equipment.

So when you plan on starting a hobby on candle making, the first thing you will need is a container where you will be keeping your supplies. In other words, you will be having your very own candle making kit. Just like any other hobby, being organized and keeping your things in the right place could save you both time and effort.

Next, if you are just starting with the whole candle making hobby or business, you need to get some supplies. Candle making supplies can be bought at shops that cater to arts and crafts, hobby shops, or online candle and soap making supplies websites. Other websites that sells lotion and skincare supplies, as well as fragrance and essential oils, may have some candle making supplies available, too.

What you need in your supplies are the things that you will be using and even blending together in making your unique creations. The things that you will need to stock would be the things that would need replenishing:

Candle wax

Color chips or dye


These are the things that you need to replenish every now and then in your candle making kits. Color chips or dye are aspects of your candle making quest that would require you to experiment, trying new ways of mixing and blending; and becoming amazed with the result it may reap. The same thing goes for the candle fragrance oil that you put in. A certain fragrance is usually made up of several oils blended together. And this will be an experiment for the candle maker, as well. Just like soap, candles that come in different scents must have nose-friendly fragrances.

In other words, the scent must be soothing, relaxing, or easy on the nose (not headache or non-stop sneeze causing). Bath and body products are known to be beauty products; and scented candles are considered to be this, too.

So before stocking your kits with candle supplies, first make sure what candle making supplies are going to be useful to you. Read about or ask around regarding the blending of essential oils and the scent it creates. There are some scents that require just one fragrance oil; but there are some, just like perfume, that needs to be mixed and blended. If you're new to this hobby and is just building your candle making kit, this is the best time to shop for supplies. Look around what candle-making supply stores offer and it they've got items on sale that will be a great time to bulk buy everything that you need.

Remember, aside from constantly replenishing your supply of wax and wick, you need to have various candle making molds, too, for creativity and diversity. To sum it all up, in your kit, have at least fourteen candle making supplies:

Gel wax

square candle mold

Paraffin wax


Stearic powder


metal cores for wicks

round candle mold

Add needed molds when you need to form other shapes or add other supplies which your candle making recipe might contain.

limited by one's imagination.
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Fourteen Candle Making Supplies