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Why Only Losers Don't Have Lists by:Kevin Pasco

Why Only Losers Don't Have Lists by:Kevin Pasco

By far one of the best affiliate marketing techniques is emailing your list and telling them to buy something

. What? A list? How do you get one, what's going on? OK, if you're a little confused now keep reading and I'll fill you in. A list is simply a group of people who have given you their name and email address in exchange for information in the form of videos, audios or e-courses from you.

Here's a breakdown of what to do:

Build a squeeze page saying that you've got exclusive information and you're willing to give it away for free (make sure you give it a value though). In order for your visitors to receive the content they will need to fill out your autoresponder form which will have "Your First Name" and "Your Primary Email" fields. When a person fills out those fields your autoresponder will send them the content via email.

So why would you want to do this?

In the first email tell your subscribers that you will also send them valuable information regarding how to succeed or how to get better at whatever topic you chose. You can now email the people on your list various affiliate emails that has to do with the niche you're in.

I'll give you an example:

Create a squeeze page which offers a 7 day e-course on how to grow better plants (home gardening niche). Send out the e-course for 7 days and then after that start sending out affiliate promotion emails that have to do with the home gardening niche. These may be products that have to do with growing better plants, creating a home garden, the tools you need, ect...

Now, you never want to give your list 100% pitch all the time. Why? You'll end up with everyone becoming unhappy with you emails and then unsubscribing. Optimally, you want a 50/50 mix of pitch and content. This is done for a good reason though.

When you send your subscribers interesting and relevant content you establish a relationship with them and they start to become less and less skeptical about who you are and what you're about. They will start to trust you and actually want to buy the products you're promoting.

But what's the use of building a trusting relationship with out sending offers and promotions? That's why you need to make it seem like you are giving the person information but in fact you are actually selling them something. The ultimate goal is to blur the line between content and pitch so your reader won't be able to tell the difference between the two.

Having a list to communicate with is also a great way to remind your customers or subscribers that you're here and wanting to give them something. This really only applies if you have your own website selling your own products though. Here's a story:

My mentor is Dan Lok, he has a list with over 50,000 people on it which he emails information on how to build a better business with affiliate promotional emails as well. His girlfriend asked him one day if she could buy a Louis Vuitton purse which cost $2000. He thought the price was outrageous so he created a poll and told his list to vote on it.

Turns out the next day he had made $4000 from that email because people had remembered he had products to buy and they went ahead and bought them. The email had absolutely nothing to do with any of his products but when people received it they remembered he had relevant products that could improve their lives and they bought them.

Basically, you want to offer a prospect something of value on your squeeze page, exchange the information for their contact info and from there on send them relevant and fresh content with some affiliate promotional emails mixed in there. That's the best recipe you can get as an affiliate marketer.

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