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How to make money online in affiliate marketing by:Samantha Milner

How to make money online in affiliate marketing by:Samantha Milner

Being an online seller is the most common - and the most obvious - online business setup that people can pursue

. After all, it is the most basic stereotype of business, both on the internet and offline - that people have to sell something to earn something.

But what if you don't have your own products to sell? What if you just want to earn without having to worry about product creation or even product procurement? Is there a business model that will suit your preferences then?

Yes, there is. It's an online business model that will require no products, no sales setups, and no actual selling yet you stand to earn a lot of profit!

I'm talking about affiliate marketing. People have called it the fastest way to earn a living online the Ferrari of internet business models. For me, it's not just a lavish car, however. It's something faster and more powerful. It's the locomotive of online moneymaking systems!

And it's true.

Affiliate marketing is the turbo train of online business models and I will show you why.

No Money? No Worries!

It won't cost you a single cent to start earning from affiliate marketing. All you have to do is to find an excellent affiliate program to join, and you're set to go.

People will tell you that affiliate marketing will require you to have a website. This is true. If you have your own website, things will be simpler, as you can lead your visitors to one central place where you can conduct your pre-selling (more on this later) techniques.

But even without a website, you can excel with affiliate marketing. With revolutionary tactics like affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising, forum marketing, blogs, podcasts, video casts and viral marketing plans, you can effectively pre-sell the affiliate merchant's products even without having web pages to call your own.

What Is Pre-Selling?

Notice how we used the word "pre-selling" and not "actual selling." There's a world of difference between the two.

Actual selling will require you to stock up on the products you wish to distribute, prepare advertising paraphernalia to attract the attention of your prospects and to convince them to make some purchases, process orders once they are made, deliver the goods once payment has been effectuated, and provide post sales support for any concerns your customers may have.

Pre-selling does not require any of these.

With pre-selling, all you have to do is to lead people to the affiliate merchant's sales page.

That's it!

If some of the people you have led will decide to buy the affiliate merchant's product, you stand to earn a specified commission, which is usually 50% to 80% of the selling price of the product. Not bad, eh?

Affiliate Marketing In A Nutshell

It's not difficult to understand the concept of affiliate marketing. An online business has better chances of success if it will get help in promoting its products. Hence, many enterprises establish affiliate systems to help them advertise their offerings. They open the doors for affiliates who will spread the word about their goods.

And how can affiliates be enticed to join the system? Rewards are offered in the form of handsome commission schemes for every successful referral who will decide to buy the affiliate merchant's products.

It's a no lose situation for affiliate merchants. They'd only have to pay for results, and the fee shall be taken from the selling price of the product anyway.

It's also a no lose situation for affiliates. They won't have to invest anything but their time and effort, yet, the rewards are potentially incalculable. There is no limit as to how much you can earn from affiliate marketing, and this makes this opportunity all the more lucrative.

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How to make money online in affiliate marketing by:Samantha Milner