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To Have Unparalleled And Grand Thrilling Month Of Your Darling's Life, Decide The Bahamas

To Have Unparalleled And Grand Thrilling Month Of Your Darling's Life, Decide The Bahamas

Bahamas Vacations with Zero Plane Fare

You would surely appreciate free airfare to live out your dream Bahamas Vacations. If you are already in Nassau and would like to explore more of the other Caribbean islands, you can book a vacation package for a minimum of 4 nights until the May 10th of this year with any of the participating hotels and you will automatically get two free airline tickets going to your island destination and its that easy. This promotion is valid for travel only until December 22, 2010 and is based on double occupancy. You can only avail of 1 free ticket if your flight will be coming from continental USA so its like a buy 1 take 1 fare which you can share with a friend. All reservations should be made by May 10th and applicable only until December 22 of this year at any of the hotels in the promo with a minimum stay of 4 nights in a room with double occupancy status. Only bookings made using the Bahamas Out Island Reservation service will be honored for the free tickets. No need to empty out your savings account for a vacation dream comes true!

Bahamas Vacations: Harbour Island

Harbour Island is the perfect marriage of natural beauty and luxury; touted as the best island in the Caribbean for Bahamas Vacations, you wont see anything like it anywhere else. The Pink Sands Beach has a big concentration of the singled celled foraminifera which is responsible for the pinkish color of the shore facing the Atlantic Ocean side; horseback riding is a popular activity here especially among couples. Take in the beautiful sunset at site of the Lone Tree while you listen to the local folklore on how it got there; the most probable account is it being washed ashore after a big hurricane but what is hair raising about it is how it got there upright as if its the spot where it grew. Bay Street is the heart of the towns activities and if you go there you will catch a glimpse of its history in places like the Dunmore Cottage, the Shipyard, and the Old Fort just to name a few. Before going here, be sure youve visited other islands because its so lovely and comfortable that youd rather stay here longer.

Water Activities and Bahamas Vacations

Bahamas Vacations are all about fun and excitement in the water as there are bodies of water in every island you can go. Take a careful hike or snorkel with the earths oldest organisms the stromatolites algae at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park in the Exumas Island, a preserved marine sanctuary in the Bahamas filled with all sorts of water flora and fauna. The third largest barrier reef in the world called the Tongue of the Ocean lies near the shores of Andros Island and expectedly divers and snorkelers flock to this area to see its massive size and inhabitants but its not all you can do as resorts also offer other water activities. Long Island should excite extreme divers as its where the deepest blue hole in the Bahamas (Deans Blue Hole) is located and with a depth of 600 feet, its impossible not to get that adrenaline rush; for the more timid theres always deep sea fishing, kayaking, and snorkeling. The only way to enjoy a vacation in the Bahamas is embrace the water.

Bahamas Vacations in Cat Island

For Bahamas Vacations you can either choose it to be luxurious and pay the price or you can jump in with barely the necessary things on your back and call it an adventure of a lifetime which is what youll get if you go to Cat Island. Western traders took Cat Island and turned it into a cotton plantation which is pretty evident with all the ruins scattered in the island especially atop Mount Alvernia, the tallest point of the isle (206 feet) where youll see majestic views. Climbing Mount Alvernia is not that tough thanks to the stone staircase on Como Hill that Father Jerome Hawes took the time to carve by hand in the 1930s when he set out to build the St. Francis of Assisi monastery in the same location. In Bain Town you will find the small Mermaid Hole Lake which is said to be a haven for a beautiful mermaid. Be ready for a great adventure ride when you visit Cat Island.

by: Niall Gaston
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