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Time Management and Time Leadership Secrets for Internet Marketers by:Pablo Guessi

Time Management and Time Leadership Secrets for Internet Marketers by:Pablo Guessi

It is pretty much impossible to successfully carry out any commercial or business

related activity without having some sort of time management skill or a vaguely planned schedule. Organizational aspects are crucial to all Internet marketers nowadays, especially regarding home businesses, where entrepreneurs have complete freedom in relation to how they spend their time and efforts every day.

Time leadership, or the optimization of their agenda, should be a matter a great importance to every person working from home anywhere in the world. Dedicating specific time frames to learning and productivity, and engaging them as 2 completely different and separate activities, is just one small example of the many secrets of time management within the marketing niche.

Let us mention a few good examples of steps Internet Marketers should follow in order to create a successful time management plan:

1. Use the 50 - 10 minute system - this means that marketers should, preferably using a stopwatch, divide their time into 60 minute blocks. Where they would work for 50 minutes and rest for the remaining 10, and only then, start working again. This little underrated system will avoid fatigue and boost their creativity naturally.

2. Spend 99% of your working time with MMA (Money Making Activities) - this means productivity activities only! Writing articles, working on your AdWords campaigns or advertising through videos. E-mailing is not an MMA, so do not waste more than 30 minutes each day doing so. Marketers are usually answering questions or giving expert advice on specific topics when writing emails. Your squeeze page, sales letter and auto-responder should be automatically closing sales for you. Automation is the mother of time leadership, and that's exactly what entrepreneurs should aim for.

3. Do not multitask - this is a common misconception, where in many occasions, we have been told that the greater the amount of activities we carry out at once, the better and more productive we will be. Wrong! Do one thing at a time, focus your time and effort into doing one thing only, then move on to the next and so on. It is proven that our brain works better when dedicating its entire attention to individual activities, one at a time, delivering better and faster results. That goes for all marketers regardless of their experience with time management or online businesses.

There are also some general guidelines that will improve time management not only for Internet marketers but for people in general:

-Create a peaceful workspace and avoid distractions when being creative or trying to concentrate prior to doing something. That includes answering your phone or engaging in conversations with friends or family members that do not contribute to solving the task at hand.

-Exercise and create healthy habits that will result in a more productive routine. Going to bed at the same time every night is a perfect example of this. This will establish a relaxing and gradual discipline in your life in general.

-Do not eat junk food and drink lots of water. Many consider water the elixir of inspiration and purity of mind. Being consistent at this will allow marketers and everyone else really, richer thinking experiences and true disposition every day.

One very important thing when it comes to home businesses and time leadership, is the ability to effectively work on your business but also make quality time for your family and friends. Balance is the key to success both personally and professionally. Go out, travel and have your own quiet time every day. That will give you a boost to your flow of ideas, resulting in instant productivity. It will also reward the people that surround for their help and support regarding your home business or a given personal matter.

In affiliate marketing and many online businesses, marketers will try their best to grow their list of prospects and finally turn them into clients. But in order to do that, they must do a couple of things that are native to all successful entrepreneurs:

1. Call opt-ins 2 minutes after they are registered. Make them feel important, and give them the priority they deserve right away, so that you can gradually dedicate your efforts towards other business activities later on. And do not spend more than 3-5 minutes in each call. Redirect them to your site or, if you chose the correct online business, invite them to contact your program's Call Center for extra detailed information they might need. You are job on these calls, is basically to congratulate them for taking action and quickly introduce yourself.

2. Block-out 30-60 minutes for callbacks, prospecting and follow-ups. And try to do that always at the same time every day. That will make it a native process for you and your business if done consistently.

As you have probably noticed, time management is not such a hard task and it can determine entirely on its own, if a business will succeed or fail miserably in a short period of time. Failing to plan is planning to fail, so Internet marketers should organize their time from day one and take real and consistent action towards achieving time leadership as quickly as possible. This is one of the corner-stones behind the current success of the online home-business industry. Commit yourself to this and you will experience changes in your personal and professional life in no time.

To your success.

About the author

Pablo Guessi is an Internet Marketer who specializes in Online Advertising and organic traffic techniques. For more information on time management and leadership and free gifts while marketing a unique business opportunity, please visit:
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