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Things That Impact On How Long Accident Insurance Claims Take

Accidents occur when we least expect them, forcing us to carry out certain measures to alleviate the extent of loss

. Having accident insurance makes the transitional period after the accident rather smooth, but not so perfectly enough. Claiming money from your insurer can later turn out to be cumbersome, thereby prompting you to rethink on things that impact on how long accident insurance claims take.

The moments just after an accident are perhaps the most important because they actually form the basis of your claim. Take as much evidence from the site as possible, be it the phone numbers of eye witnesses, the insurance details and car registration numbers of guilty third parties, and even the pictures of your car and accompanying injuries.

The reason for this is pretty clear; it makes it easier to persuade your insurer that the accident did in fact happen. On occasion policy owners totally misrepresent facts so as to receive claims in times of great need, leaving the insurance companies with tonnes of fraudulent claims on their hands. You need to understand that insurance is not a service, but a business, with people just like you and me who are trying to make a living.

File for your insurance claim with no delay, preferably on the same day of the accident. For some reason insurers normally have a window period during which claims must have been filed. If you go through your policy carefully you should be able to see clauses that deal specifically with such issues. So when insurers tell you to go through policies it is actually because they want all processes to be smooth.

Honesty is as a huge deal for insurers. Never for a moment think that lying can get you anywhere, it only serves to spoil your reputation and make future claims difficult. Therefore if there are certain facts that you think might ruin your claim, opt to tell the truth. Sometimes it will not turn out to be as awful as you think as some incidents are overlooked in pursuit of pleasing clients.

Keep all documents pertaining to expenses incurred after the accident. There is no way on earth will an insurer accept estimates, exact figures are always required, especially receipts. So if your car had to be towed away, keep the billing receipt from the towing company.

Accident claims are not as hard as people think they are. With a little bit of honesty and vigilance you should see all your future claims being successful.

by: Lance Thorington
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Things That Impact On How Long Accident Insurance Claims Take Washington