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The Taj Mahal of Agra by:David H. Urmann

The Taj Mahal of Agra by:David H. Urmann

Agra is a very beautiful city. The Taj Mahal Monument is one of the most beautiful and most visited attraction here.

The famous Taj Mahal Monument can be found in Agra, India. For this beautiful structure alone, Agra gains a lot of visitors yearly. Tourists flock to this site just to get a glimpse of this magnificent structure that embodies perfect symmetry. No one goes back home without first having their souvenir photos taken first. The wonderful feeling of seeing this monument in actual is very priceless.

Agra belongs to the prominent destinations of tourists. They have a lot of heritage monument like Fatehpur Sikri, Red Fortand and the Sikandara. This is the center of the culture, religious philosophies and art. Their religious philosophies has has very enrich mankind and human thought all over the centuries. This city has been the capital of Mughal Empire. Because of this, the place still has the pass set up that it has years before. The structures that they have represents the time of the Mughal empires. These structures are considered the finest in the world.

The Agra is a town that has slow pace. They have a lot of marble works inlay, soastone that were made by the Mughal people and many more. This soapstone is made by the craftsman of Mughal. This city is famous for gold thread embroiders, carpets and shoes with made of leather.The Taj Mahal of Agra by:David H. Urmann

As stated earlier, the Taj Mahal is found in Agra. Taj Mahal is one of the eight wonders of the world. It has an architectural beauty that never has been surpassed. This Taj Mahal is a very beautiful and important monument that was built by Mughals. These Mughals were Muslim Rulers of India by that time. The composition of this monument was entirely white marble. It has not just an ordinary beauty but a stunning architectural beauty. This beauty had been very visible during the dawn and sunset. This seems to appear so lively in the light of the moon. Even on foggy morning, the Taj has been very beautiful from the view of the Jamuna River.

This Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan who was a muslim emperor. He built this monument in the loving memory of his wife who was his queen during his reign. His wife's name was Mumtaz Mahal but her real name was Arjumand Banu.

This was said to be a dream come true because people think that the emperor had made this monument because his wife has always wished for it. The Taj Mahal is called such because it means the Crown Palace by word. This is a mausoleum where the grave of the queen Mumtaz Mahal is housed. The people placed her grave in the lowest chamber. The grave of the emperor Shah Jahan was then placed beside her remains after a few years. The original name of the emperor was Shahab-ud-din. He was the prince Khurram before he became the emperor.

The Mughal traditions state that ladies of royal familes will be given a new name on the time of their marriage or on significant events in their lives. This is the reason why the monument was named the Taj Mahal because people have always used the second name of the queen.The Taj Mahal of Agra by:David H. Urmann

The Taj Mahal is a very grand and majestic structure. It took over twenty two years to complete. They have employed twenty thousand employees to be able to build it. This cost roughly around thirty two million Rupees and was completed in 1648. The master architect of this project was Ustad 'Isa. This man was known to be the best Islamic architect during this time.

The expert craftsmen were also hired to help in putting up this monument. These famous craftsmen were Multan, Qannauj and Lahore. The Muslim craftsmen from Shiraz, Baghdad and Bukhara have also played specialized task for the Taj Mahal Monument.

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The Taj Mahal of Agra by:David H. Urmann