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All About Ghaziabad by:David H. Urmann

All About Ghaziabad by:David H. Urmann

Ghaziabad is the leading industrialized city in India

. It houses thousands of manufacturing plants and lures a lot of investors.

Ghaziabad is a city within the Uttar Pradesh State in India. It is situated about 1.5 kilometers in the eastern portion of the famous river of Hindon. The exact location of this city on the map is 28 degrees 40' North Latitude and 77 degrees 25' East Longitude. The city is about 19 kilometers to the east of India's capital, New Delhi, and approximately 46 kilometers to the south western portion of Meerut.

Ghaziabad is home of the headquarters of its district. The city was once a part of the district of Meerut until the time of its independence. The independence was due to a political intervention which separated this wonderful city and was given a new distinct district status. The main reason for Ghaziabad's independence from Meerut is that it is much simpler if a large district like Meerut is divided into two halves. This is although it has been stated before that the true motivation was just political.

According to the Indian government, Ghaziabad's district was considered as one of the Minority Concentrated Districts within India. The basis of this study was the 2001 census on the socio-economic indicators, basic amenities as well as the population.All About Ghaziabad by:David H. Urmann

The name of Ghaziabad was derived from its founder "Ghazi-ud-din" who had called the place Ghaziuddinnagar himself. After a long and interesting history, it was later named "Ghaziabad" to make it shorter and more distinct. The city has a huge industry complete with well-connected railways and roads which make traveling and visiting Ghaziabad a very interesting and enjoyable place. Moreover, it has industries that mainly manufacture diesel engines, tapestries, railway coaches, pottery and varnish, paint, bicycles as well as heavy chains.

Actually, there are hundreds of industries and factories around the area. Just recently, the city of Ghaziabad had a few number of multiplexes and malls scattered along its regions. Aside from this, the roads are improved by the widening of their flyovers as well as their construction schemes.

Since this city is adjacent to India's capital city, New Delhi, the amount of rainfall as well as the temperature is usually just the same with Ghaziabad and New Delhi. The amounts of snowfall along the Kumaon, Garhwal hills and Himalayas areas as well as Rajasthan's dust storms have a great impact in terms of the city's weather condition.

Monsoon rains usually arrive during the last days of June or on the first days of July. Normally, the rainy season will last until the months of October. Temperatures always range from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius during the winter and 30 to 40 degrees Celsius during the summer.

As mentioned earlier, Ghaziabad is an industrial city with numerous manufacturers when it comes to its diesel engines, railway coaches, picture tubes, tapestries, pottery and glassware. This is along with its electroplating, vegetable oil, varnish and paint. You can also add heavy chains, steel pharmaceuticals and liquor.All About Ghaziabad by:David H. Urmann

This city also caters to the production of automobile rings, pistons and many more. The newest sectors in the industry are the forthcoming plant growth boosters. Various companies such as the Plastochem, Shiriam Pistons Crophealth Products Limited and the Hind Biochem are giving Ghaziabad as well as the whole of India a breathtaking experience, leading them into newer dimensions.

Within the area of the city, there are numerous health care centers and hospitals, ensuring that every patient can acquire the same health benefits and attention. These infrastructures also help other locals or tourists within the neighboring cities such as Hapur, Dasna and Pikhuwa among others.

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All About Ghaziabad by:David H. Urmann