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The Good Things About Mini Circus Toys

The Good Things About Mini Circus Toys

Even though the holiday season is over and another year has started

, children don't stop from playing and collecting toys. New mini toys have been produced to fit the entertainment for young kids. Some of these toys are circus toys.

1. Playmobil Circus Ring

For only $109.99, you can make your child's dream come true. This toy set features a large ring, an adjustable big top, fencing, a trapeze and various characters like a ringmaster, a salesman, 2 trapeze artists and visitors. Children ages 5 and above would be delighted to play this toy especially if they see some LED lights flashing. Only measures 23 inches long by 19 inches wide and 18 inches tall, any child would surely love to play circus games.

The ring can accommodate 30 visitors so it's ok to get all toy items of your children they could use as viewers in the circus. Since it's a mini toy, kids would like to play this toy anytime and anywhere.
The Good Things About Mini Circus Toys

2. Playmobil Circus Animal Trainer

Children starting at the age of four years can have fun playing this toy set. The Playmobil Circus Animal Trainer is only $29.99.

Boys and girls can have a real excitement as they play these amazing animals. Allow your children to play and let do some tricks. Not only they gain fun from playing these toys but also they will learn on how to take initiative. Soon, they will build a sense of leadership. Isn't that wonderful?

This toy set has a center ring attraction and a special access tunnel for animals like the lion, white tiger and cheetah. In addition to the animals, there is a trainer with a training whip, a special plank walk and a ring of fire available. For kids, it would be an exciting circus show on earth.

3. Playmobil Circus Tightrope Artists

Another circus toy set is the Tightrope Artists. It will only cost you $26.95. This toy set highlights the tightrope artists balancing on a tightrope. Other amenities included are the unicycle balance bar, rollable balance drum and see-saw platform. Young boys and girls will certainly be thrilled to play and perform. They will be encouraged and learn how to be more creative as they play this circus set.

4. Playmobil Circus Band

Another circus toy set is the Playmobil Circus Band. The box includes a circus band and animals. Alex the Monkey is the leader in the group as he takes the whole band making fun music. Yes, this toy set includes multiple sound effects which children would truly love.

This circus set is recommended for ages four and up. It only cost $16.99 but the joyous moment your children can experience is priceless.

5. Playmobil Magician

For only $6.99, your child can create a vivid fun playing for hours. The magician has figure, wand, hat, rabbit, handkerchief and magic box.

Children ages 4 years and above will be excited to play some tricks using this wonderful toy.

6. Playmobil circus clown with flower

Probably the cheapest mini circus toy is the Playmobil circus clown with flower. It is only $5.58. This circus clown has a large sunflower that can squirt water who would try to sniff it. It's one way to make your kids smile. That's the fun of this circus clown with his flower.

These six mini circus toys are just few of the toys available on the market for young children. Certainly, parents would also feel the happiness their children can experience. Besides, a fun moment is truly priceless.

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The Good Things About Mini Circus Toys