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The Dos And Donts In Extending The Life Of A Bra

The Dos And Donts In Extending The Life Of A Bra

Comfortable bras do not always stay comfortable without proper caring

. Even though you have secured that cute-looking bra with perforated pads that keeps you dry and comfy all the time, it will not last like that forever if you dont do it right. Below are some tips of the dos and the donts in taking care of bras.

The Dos

Do wash your bra after using it three times. More than that it will collect more moisture on the fabric and especially on the pads. This will not be easy to get rid of and it will definitely not be healthy and hygienic for your skin.

Use a mild detergent to wash your undergarments, including your bra. This will gently take care of the cleaning action of the bra.

Hand wash your bra. This way you make sure that there is no element of the bra that gets pulled off and causes premature bra snagging.

Put it inside the lingerie bag if you wash with a washing machine. This will prevent it from being tangled with the other clothes.

Use cold or warm water and set the washing machine to a gentle spin mode. To maintain the shape of a bra, everything needs to be done gently.

Before drying, reshape the bra if it contains foam or batting in the cups.

Air dry the bra. You can either hang it on the middle section of the bra or lay the bra flat to prevent it from stretching out.

The Donts

Dont wash the bra in the washing machine together with heavier clothes like jeans or towels.

Dont dry the bra right under the sun. This will prevent it from fading. Air drying promotes the gentlest way to dry a bra.

Never iron a bra! It does not need it.

Dont squeeze the bra recklessly when you hand wash it. It can result to an ill shaped bra or its underwire.

Dont stuff it in the drawer in a way that it may lose its shape.

Dont bleach bras. It can degrade the spandex the common material in bras.

These tips will help you figure out the best way to handle your bras and keep them in their most comfortable shape. There is a reason why you buy a comfortable bra. And this should be a reason enough to keep them longer with you.

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The Dos And Donts In Extending The Life Of A Bra