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Skeptical Debunkers And The Afterlife

Skeptical Debunkers And The Afterlife

One of the greatest sources of afterlife information ever was the British direct voice medium Leslie Flint (1911-1994)

. His seance sessions were well documented and recorded. During any seance, voices would resonate out of thin air around the medium. Throughout all the decades of his mediumship, no one could find any evidence of fraud or any sort of trickery. Leslie Flint was perhaps the most tested and verified medium who ever lived. According to his book, Voices in the Dark, Leslie Flint himself once said, "I think I can safely say I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced... I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held, and still the voices have come to speak their message of life eternal."

Because of the extraordinary nature of Leslie Flint's "powers," there are still many, many people who do not accept or believe in what he had achieved. Somehow they are not convinced enough in spite of the recordings, the overwhelming evidence, the information that came through, and all the witnesses who where in themselves definitely convinced.

What I have found regarding nonbelievers, is they usually had the following attitudes in common: a strong prejudice or conviction in their negative opinion of Leslie Flint, poor information or knowledge in general about the subject of spiritualism, no personal spiritual or psychic experiences of any sort, an overall lack of open-mindedness, and finally an inability or unwillingness to fully investigate the possibility of the afterlife. Often it is one's religious beliefs that get in the way of allowing a more compassionate and understanding approach to the validity and innocence of spiritualism, or it is often due to an opposite view steeped deeply in atheism and an overwhelmingly materialistic and mechanical view of life.

Let us assume that somehow Leslie Flint was just a fraud, I don't know how he could have fooled everyone who attended his seances for 60 years, and he would have to be a magician many times more subtle than Chris Angel combined with the wisdom of King Solomon and the insight and psychic power of Edgar Cayce along with a photographic memory and an unusually creative and consistent imagination! If he really was just a stunning and ingenious parlor trick showman as the skeptics would want you to believe, then why did he not simply perform as an incredibly unusual magician and/or ventriloquist for a multimillion dollar income at places like Las Vegas? Or why did Leslie Flint, the so-called parlor trick showman, not acquire a multimillion contract with Hollywood or Walt Disney Productions? Instead, why did he leave his beloved dance partner and successful dancing career only to be an oftentimes broke direct voice medium spiritualist mocked by skeptics, condemned by devil phobic, closed minded Christians, and then bound, gagged and intimately scrutinized repeatedly for years and years by skeptical scientists, doctors and researchers?Skeptical Debunkers And The Afterlife

The only way I could imagine it being a parlor trick (and it would have to be the most elaborate one ever in the history of humankind to have convinced so many people for 60 years of scrutiny and then never be exposed as a fraud) one would either need some sort of two-way hifi quadriphonic radio (because the voices often could be heard moving in mid air all around the room!) along with a hidden studio to hide away all the different personalities coming through and then imagine trying to do this in the 1930's, 40's, etc., (with what little technology available then) and with none or little financial support. Leslie flint was relatively poor throughout most of his life especially when others first discovered his mediumship.

Assuming no electronic equipment was used and yet was somehow still some sort of magician's trick, Leslie Flint would still need some very clever trap doors, hidden hallways, vents, ropes, pulleys, etc. prepared for his "actors and actresses" ahead of time everywhere he went to hold a seance which was often in many public locations throughout the UK or more personal seance rooms that could not have possibly been "rigged" ahead of time as these were all carefully scrutinized before any event. Obviously Leslie Flint would need quite a team of very stealthy accomplices with him at all times and all of them would have to be somehow paid for, and then always be extremely well informed regarding anyone attending beforehand whose names would often not be known until the beginning of the seance when Leslie Flint's Cockney spirit control "Mickey" announced them! And if his mediumship was faked, where are all the accomplices today? How is it that not one person has yet come forward to say they had been asked or employed by Leslie Flint to fraudulently mimic a huge number of different personalities?

How did Leslie Flint's always incredibly sharp and incomparable Cockney control known as "Mickey" in the spirit world (was actually John Whitehead who sold newspapers outside Camden Town, UK until he was killed by a truck when he was eleven) keep the same inimitable, young, childlike voice and same unique personality for so many decades? Mickey's Cockney accent and extraordinary unique characteristics show up regularly in the seance tapes which can be heard online at the Leslie Flint Educational Trust website. While carefully listening to these tapes, even the casual listener should sense that Mickey is indeed a genuine, true-to-life person (in fact a natural comedian) having genuine conversations!

How were those who came through able to correctly answer any questions from anyone in an audience? How did they convince so many people (including lawyers, governors, industrialists and members of royalty sometimes arriving as surprise guests for private seances) they were their dead comrades, relatives and/or loved ones? And before you say "ventriloquist" how could the voices continue to sound perfectly normal and move around the room even while Leslie Flint's mouth was gagged with colored liquid in his mouth and bound to a chair and no one else could be felt or seen in the room? And when he was not gagged, then why was Leslie Flint's voice, coughing, etc. often heard simultaneously along with the spirit's voices in the tapes?

Even though a few materialistic skeptic debunkers desperately tried to discredit Leslie Flint, not one person throughout the 60 years of his mediumship could find any hard evidence whatsoever of any cheating or conjuring. Finally after months of extremely careful observation, one skeptic concluded that the voices had to have emanated from inside his abdomen and another concluded it had to be some form of mass hypnosis or hallucination! Is that possible? Could he have swallowed a 1930's two-way wireless device with a hypnotic effect and quadraphonic voice output?

I would love to see how the world-famous skeptical debunker magician James Randi try to explain all this! He dares not because he cannot. The best he could do is come up with another hard-to-swallow explanation as ridiculous as the gastrointestinal radio or mass hypnosis. (No wonder I get indigestion sometimes while listening to some of these debunkers!) Even then, who or what would have provided all the personalities and information that came through? And then why would Leslie Flint commit hours and hours of his valuable time nearly every week of his life and go to such incredibly eccentric and absurd lengths just to "conjure up the dead" when Mr. Flint was already quite content in his twenties to be a dance instructor and award-winning professional dancer with his beloved dance partner?

The Bad Psychics website administration and members hate my article on Leslie Flint! It is because all the "evidence" I am presenting naturally clashes against the world views of those who cannot possibly accept the existence of unusual "unproven" phenomena such as ectoplasm and other exotic states of matter such as astral matter. Spiritualism is just too far outside of the box of their traditional way of thinking and therefore makes them very uncomfortable. I can also be quite skeptical and would not accept anything myself unless there was adequate evidence to support it. I first had to spend thirty-six years of critical research and analysis of countless books, videos, personal experiences and other such material before I was fully convinced of an afterlife. The Bad Psychics website is one of the most "skeptic" websites (authored by those who obviously had no direct experiences of true mediumship, near-death experiences, after death communications, etc.) I have ever seen and people need to be highly critical of anything before accepting it as real anyway. In fact I would be concerned if no one was at first skeptical in one's approach to any new and unusual phenomenon. Therefore, I have no problem with those who are still skeptical as long as they remain compassionately open-minded and are tolerant of those who claim to have experienced paranormal phenomena.

The Bad Psychics website administration's "evidence" against Leslie Flint is that Mahatma Gandhi's voice sounds different from when he was alive. Imagine dying and of course having to leave one's physical vocal cords behind to either be cremated or buried along with the body and then having to come back as a spirit talking through someone else's ectoplasm in the form of an artificial "voice box" wouldn't you sound different or at least a little hoarse and even possibly quite similar to many other spirits having to use the same ectoplasmic voice box? Not only that, Gandhi's level of vibration is most likely an extremely high vibration far removed from the Earth's vibration, and most likely another spirit much closer to the Earth's vibration had to have been present to act as an "astral" medium or channel sensitive enough to pick up Gandhi's thoughts yet still low enough in vibration to expresses through the "voice box." The whole process is anything but simple. Under these conditions, it is an enchanting miracle that anything like Gandhi's voice or accent comes through at all!

Who knows how many actual "bad psychics" may be featured on their website? However Leslie Flint, the ultimate antithesis of a "bad psychic" and one of the greatest direct voice mediums ever, absolutely and definitely does not belong there! The only reason (if you can call it that) they put him on that site is simply because of the kind of phenomena he was involved with, no other reason! He is prejudged "guilty" by association alone and incorrectly stuffed in the same "Crackerjack box" with all the other "bad psychics" making me quite skeptical of the validity of their judgement.

The fact that Leslie Flint is on that website proves that the authors of that website consider anyone who is a psychic a bad one! Even more disturbing is how some of the posters doubt the intelligence of anyone on the internet (calling mine and other such "woo" websites "stupid") who believes in spirits coming through seances. And if that were not bad enough, they would also condemn anyone with such an ability as almost criminal and always fraudulent completely regardless of who they are or what sort of phenomena they can or cannot produce when actually it is a clear indication of their bias, poor study, complete lack of appreciation, lack of knowledge and lack of interest in the extremely rare phenomenon of ectoplasm and the direct voice. This website's inclusion of Leslie Flint in the "bad psychic Crackerjack box" is a classic example of prejudicial condemnation without careful investigation.

Regarding those who are still very skeptical, it is only because they have not yet studied carefully and been able to identify the most honorable sources of this subject closely enough with an open mind, and with enough dedication and interest. They also lack personal experience of afterlife phenomena, which unfortunately is rarely or never experienced by those who are mentally and emotionally closed off to such things. Of course I do feel sorry for all those who never had any personal experiences like I have encountered, because such experiences are almost always extremely positive and provide personal proof and tremendous reassurance. The fact of its rarity unfortunately helps to keep this material world trapped in its own darkness.

Some of the most materialistic skeptics just don't want to accept that there is life after death anyway because it contradicts their personal interest and personal outlook and/or religious beliefs. Because any mediumistic phenomena would clash sharply with their life-long materialistic belief systems, no matter how obvious the evidence, nothing whatsoever will ever convince them otherwise; it would be just too far of a quantum leap for them to jump! Therefore any alleged sightings of ectoplasm, trumpets whirling in mid air, disembodied voices, spirit lights, etc. are too weird and too "Hollywood" to be allowed in their concept of reality and are therefore instantly dismissed as utter nonsense!

One can put definite, indisputable, obvious proof of survival right in the face of any biased sceptic, and still the prejudiced debunker would never accept it no matter what, because it violently clashes with the skeptic's deeply engraved, all too comfortable way of thinking and living. This is unfortunate, because when such people pass over, they risk getting trapped into long periods of self-delusion, and earthbound states (clinging to Earth because materialism is all they have known and accepted) could otherwise be avoided. However, regardless if one likes it or not, there is life after death! And for those who are humane, nonjudgmental, kindhearted, good natured, and know what to expect, it is extremely good!

by: Russell Symonds
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Skeptical Debunkers And The Afterlife