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Should The Government Support Health Care Commerce By Forcing Citizens To Buy Insurance Or Pay A Tax

Should The Government Support Health Care Commerce By Forcing Citizens To Buy Insurance Or Pay A Tax

It is a hot debate, ever since the first drafts of the proposed Patient Protection

and Affordability Health Care Act: Should the government support health care commerce by forcing citizens to buy insurance or pay a tax?

In your medical practice, management of finances is key. Where that money comes from may not matter as much as it does to your patient, but the final outcome of the proposed healthcare mandates might affect you in unanticipated ways. If you are looking to start a medical practice, maintaining and hoping to grow a current one, or opening a medical practice in a new area, it would behoove you to learn the content of the Act, to see how it might affect you and your practice. While it might not seem an overt problem to your medical practice management and bottom line, money being money and where it comes from not such a debate), it can affect your patients and their stress levels and how you deal with them as a healthcare professional.

The main thrust of opposition to this Act lies with the assertion that it is unconstitutional, and that Congress does not have the right to force citizens to make purchases of any kind. Since the Act mandates that citizens must purchase health insurance, it opines that the Commerce Clause does not grant the power to Congress to force individuals to make purchases they otherwise would not undertake. It says that Congress powers are limited as to their enforcement a the state level, and if a state does not require its citizens to make a purchase

The other side of the debate contends that the Constitution allows for just such powers, with it says, Congress is entitled to make all laws which shall be necessary for enforcement of the commerce clause and other duties and powers. It says that while insurers are being asked to curtail higher rates and accept even pre-existing conditions, it is not fair to them to have to absorb all the costs of such a proposition and perhaps higher taxes on citizens will help curtail them. This side of the argument says that Congress can and should enforce its powers to force individuals to purchase insurance. Should The Government Support Health Care Commerce By Forcing Citizens To Buy Insurance Or Pay A Tax

You will have to examine every aspect when opening a medical practice or when dealing with healthcare advertising, medical marketing and medical advertising.

Wherever you fall on the debate, your medical practice marketing and medical advertising budgets will have to come under review, as will your medical practice management in general. Patients are upset, having very clearly defined opinions on either side of this matter. They may want to discuss it with you, outside of normal medical questions. How you present yourself from a public relations, medical advertising, and healthcare marketing standpoint can reassure patients that you will continue to offer the same high standard of care no matter what happens with the proposed Act. Your medical marketing and medical advertising campaigns might stress the fact that while insurance coverage may seem uncertain, your level of compassion and care is not. Opening a medical practice is daunting enough without these issues at stake, but there it is: Another challenge to your medical practice management.

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