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Skin Care Tips On Honeymoon Travel

Skin Care Tips On Honeymoon Travel

You cannot hold a grand wedding, but you cannot do without a romantic honeymoon

, honeymoon in environmental transformation, bumpy journey, but also may face a strong sun, dry climate such as baptism, is the skin a great challenge, how to honeymoon in can maintain the freshness of sweet muscle, it would side with us honeymoon right side of skin care

1.Smart dress on the journey , wash away dirt of face with warm water first in the morning, then use cold water wash, allow the skin to increase elasticity, washed for make-up, skin creams, such as paint points, Smear lipstick, sprinkle perfume, but should light makeup better, not makeup to deep.

2, selecting vegetables and add beauty. At night, using local resources, use cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and other fresh vegetables, cut into sheets, attached to the face, neck, removed after a while, a little massage, skin absorption of beneficial nutrients.

3, Drink more water on a trip .drinking water can add Facial skin nutrients because lack of water, so much water on the road is essential to protect beauty.

4 eat more fruits benefit the skin. Fruit in various vitamins and minerals, can be the biochemical role of organisms for skin fitness provides a wealth of nutrition.

5 do not forget the face with a mountain spring. On a trip to you often meet a spring, do not forget the multi-use mountain spring water wash. Because of spring water is less Polluted, containing a variety of minerals, the skin is extremely useful, can enhance the toughness and elasticity of skin, preventing wrinkles and chapped.

6, facial massage when. You can be quietly close your eyes meditatively when break, while gently massage the face. Help restore skin elasticity, maintain beauty.

After your honeymoon travel you will still be the original charming lady.

by: Liu Rene
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Skin Care Tips On Honeymoon Travel