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Punta Cancun, Cancun by:Rosa Carvajal

Punta Cancun, Cancun by:Rosa Carvajal

Punta Cancun is aptly translated to Cancun Tip

, because this area is right on the tip of Cancun's 7-shaped coast line. This is definitely one of the most popular areas of the Hotel Zone in Cancun. This particular place is the main area for nightclubs, bars, and an array of restaurants. It is really at night when this place really comes to life. At nightfall, neon lights begin to illuminate gorgeously, and the loud and flowing music fills the entire atmosphere. You really feel alive and with it.

As it is common in Cancun, one can find thatched roofs and plastic chairs ready for tourists to enjoy. After a night out in the town, I remember comfortably laying down on one of these plastic beach chairs as I let my silky skin soak in the fresh and soothing morning breeze. Aaaaghhh this is life! In this particular area there's a small dock where one can walk on and it serves as a bridge into the waters. In fact, you can even take out fishing gear and just hang out as you wait for the catch of the day. Within a few feet of walking distance one will encounter a rocky area that leads to a red and white lighthouse. This lighthouse is beautifully constructed and adds to the Caribbean paradise scenery.

Coincidentally, one of the neighboring lodging areas is called Punta Cancun. Instead of your typical hotels, what you have here is a group of condominiums with all the necessary amenities. It is almost like a home away from home.

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Punta Cancun, Cancun by:Rosa Carvajal Sao Lourenco da Mata