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Playa Delfines, Cancun by:Rosa Carvajal

Playa Delfines, Cancun by:Rosa Carvajal

Playa Delfines, or Dolphins Beach, is without argument and literally one of the highest points in Cancun

. It is situated about 18km within the Hotel Zone and it is near Punta Nizuc. This beach begins where Kukulcan Blvd curves into a hill. Because, Playa Delfines is a high point in Cancun, the view from this here is truly unforgettable. I was fortunate enough to enjoy this beach on a clear day, which meant I was able to enjoy a breathtaking view. I got to see at several different shades of blue in the water and coral reefs. Of course, this can only be visible on clear days. Remember if you are in Cancun, walking on this beach is a must.

While in Cancun, I remember some tourists commenting of the small size of the beaches in front of their hotels. Well, for those who desire a wider strip of beach, I say, hop on the bus and come to Playa Delfines. Because there are not hotels immediately near by this beach offers a solitary spot very suitable to sunbathe. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the currents can be treacherous, particularly for swimming. It's important to note the color of the flag posted on the beach, remember that a green flag means it is safe to swim.

I was amazed by the quantity of sand on the beach;Playa Delfines had an insurmountable amount of beautiful white sand. Also this is a hot spot for surfers and as a matter of fact, Playa Delfines is one of the few places where one can take surfing lessons. By the way, I can't complain about my surfer instructor. He's by far one of the most patient instructors I've ever met!

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